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Darwin College


Darwin College proposes to elect a stipendiary Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow from l October 2001. The Fellowship is available for research into economic, social, or political history of any period and (unlike the Finley Ancient History Fellowship) is not confined to those specialists in Greek or Roman history, although they are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to those whose interests coincide with those of the late Sir Moses Finley.

The Fellowship is tenable for three years, with the possibility of renewal for a fourth. Candidates should be aged not more than thirty-five years on l October 2001 and have been awarded the Ph.D. or an equivalent degree, or be able to present to the electors substantial amounts of work, published or unpublished; but consideration will be given to persons over this age if they began their research at a significantly later age than usual and to those who have interrupted their careers for family or other reasons.

The successful candidate will be subject to the Statutes and Ordinances of the College, including the obligation to reside in Cambridge for at least two-thirds of each University term, unless excused by the Governing Body. The Finley Research Fellow will become a member of the Governing Body and will have Fellows' dining rights, as well as the entitlement to a College room or flat, subject to availability, for which a charge will be made. An annual allowance will be available for travel and research expenses.

Further details are available from the Classics Faculty Office or from the Master's Secretary, Darwin College, Cambridge, CB3 9EU, or from the College's website (http://www.dar.cam.ac.uk/). The closing date for applications is 23 October 2000.

The College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 October 2000