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Office of High Steward: Notice

24 July 2000

It is with regret that the Vice-Chancellor gives notice of the death of the Right Reverend and Right Honourable the Lord Runcie, M.C., M.A., Hon D.D., TH, High Steward, on 11 July 2000.

A new High Steward is to be elected by the Senate. The procedure is the same as that for nomination and election to the office of Chancellor (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 111). The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that the prescribed date on this occasion is 24 July 2000, and requests any member of the Senate who wishes to do so to communicate to him (within the period of twenty-one days of term required by the regulations, that is by Saturday, 21 October 2000) the name of any person whom he or she wishes the Nomination Board to consider. The Vice-Chancellor requests that such names should be communicated to him in writing at the University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN. Previous holders of the office of High Steward include the Right Honourable the Viscount Ruffside (1951-58), the Right Honourable the Lord Butler (1958-66), and the Right Honourable the Lord Devlin (1966-91).

Not more than seventy days of term after the prescribed date (that is, by 9 December 2000) the Nomination Board are required to publish the name of a candidate whom they nominate. Regulation 5 provides for there then to be an opportunity for other candidates to be nominated. Any such candidates must be nominated by at least fifty members of the Senate. A further Notice about this procedure will be published on or before 9 December.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 26 July 2000
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