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Assessment of research: Notice

Following the extensive consultation undertaken by the HE funding bodies during 1997-98, many details of the timing and form of the next national Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) have now been announced, together with a request for comment on some outstanding matters. The submission date for the next Exercise is to be 30 April 2001.

Further details (some of which differ from those in 1996), and the matters for further consultation, are contained in the HEFCs' document, reference RAE 1/98, an edited version of which has been circulated to Faculties and Departments for their views. A version of a further document, reference RAE 2/98, concerning the bodies to be asked to nominate RAE panel members, has also been circulated for comment. Individual members of the Regent House who wish to comment should do so directly to the Secretary General at the Old Schools, by the end of August in respect of document RAE 2/98 and by the end of September in the case of RAE 1/98.

Full versions of the two documents mentioned above are available on the World Wide Web at http://www.niss.ac.uk/education/hefc/rae2001/1_98.html and /2_98.html, respectively, or may be obtained from the General Board Office on request.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 August 1998
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