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Some particulars of the following vacancies may be seen at the University Registry, The Old Schools, during office hours:
University of Oxford
Professors of Mathematical Logic, Genetics, Jurisprudence
Chichele Professor of Public International Law
Lecturer in Management Studies
Queen's University of Belfast
Professors of Health Sciences, Nursing, Structural Materials, Food Process Engineering, Processing Engineering, Computer Science
University of East Anglia
Professor of Developmental Biology
University of Botswana
Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry
Professor/ Associate Professor/Lecturer in Nursing Education
Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Law, Water Resources
Lecturers in Inorganic Chemistry, Social Studies Education, Religious Education, Social Work
National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Associate Professors/Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Applied Chemistry, Electronic Engineering
University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer in Social Work
Australian National University
Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
University of Melbourne
Professor of Medicine
University of Tasmania
Professors of Mathematics, Engineering (and Head of Department), Indonesian (and Head of School)
Associate Professor in Computer Science
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Various posts in the Department of Computing
University of Auckland
Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Marketing
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Chinese, Japanese, Community Health
Lecturers in Early Modern European History, Twentieth-Century USA History
University of Canterbury
Professor of Economics
University of Waikato
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Statistics
Aga Khan University
Head of Section of Cardiology
Head of Centre of English Language
Executive Assistant for Programme Planning and Development
Academic vacancies are also publicized on the NISS (National Information on Software and Services) Noticeboard at http://www.vacancies.ac.uk/.
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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 July 1998
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