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Lucy Cavendish College

The following prizes have been awarded:

Anna Bidder (British Telecom) Prize: Beckett, Dr Anne E., Medical Sciences Tripos, Part IB.

Madeleine Jörgensen Prizes: Chong, Ms Chin C., LL.M.; Downham, Ms Clare E., Prelims to Part I of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic Tripos; Laviolette, Ms Nicole H., LL.M.; Panvini-Rosati, Mrs Lea, Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IA (Italian); Rycroft, Ms Joanna S., Medical Sciences Tripos, Part IA.

Emmeline Pankhurst Prize: Meenagh, Ms Caroline; Weekes, Ms Niki.

Harris Blues Prize: Laviolette, Ms Nicole H., Cycling; Lusty, Ms Rhonda, Shooting.

B.P. Studentship: Armstrong, Mrs Jill.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22 July 1998
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