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All Souls College, Oxford


All Souls College intends to elect two Senior Research Fellows with effect from 1 October 1999 (or an agreed later date). One Fellowship will be in Law, and one in Mathematics or the Theoretical Life Sciences (both subjects broadly conceived). The Fellowships are open to women and men. The College regards a Senior Research Fellowship as being of comparable academic standing to an Oxford University Professorship, and applicants are expected to have a correspondingly distinguished record of achievement in research.

The primary duty of a Senior Research Fellow is to pursue a programme of advanced study and research in Oxford, approved by the College and at a level of achievement acceptable to it. Fellows are members of the Governing Body of the College and may be asked to serve on College committees and, for a limited period, to hold a College office. Leave of absence is granted on recommendation of the College's Academic Purposes Committee, which may allow Fellows to work away from Oxford for up to one term in six, when this would be beneficial to their programme of study. In exceptional circumstances the College will entertain applications for further leave, of no more than three consecutive terms. Senior Research Fellows may take on other commitments, subject to discharging the obligations of their Fellowship.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Warden's Secretary, All Souls College, Oxford, OX1 4AL. Applications must reach the Warden by Friday, 18 September 1998.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 July 1998
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