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Approved for degrees and diplomas

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

J. B. Messenger, M.A., T

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

C. W. de Silva, Q

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

S. E. Barrett, TH. Prototypes in speech perception
R. J. Bowden, CHR. Identification and characterization of tRNA-like sequence elements encoded by murine gammaherpesvirus 68
N. L. C. Chui, PEM. Subspace methods and informative experiments for system identification
A. P. Collier, SE. High resolution imaging of crystalline agglomerates
C. M. H. Demers, EM. The sanctuary of art: images in the assessment and design of light in architecture
E. A. Ellis, JN. Soil-structure interaction for full-height piled bridge abutments constructed on soft clay
E. Feruglio, CAI. Caterina Percoto's Racconti: a woman writing about women in pre-Unification Italy
S. J. French, W. The regulation of hippocampal neurotrophin gene expression by sub-toxic glutamatergic and cholinergic agonists
D. M. Garner, G. Silicon heterojunction bipolar transistors with wide band-gap amorphous semiconductor emitters
C. R. Gillham, T. Enhanced cleaning of surfaces fouled by whey proteins
E. B. Grant, TH. The international transfer of manufacturing: linking content and process
G. L. Hall, JE. Immunological properties of microglia
S. J. Hicks, W. Longitudinal shear resistance of steel and concrete composite beams
A. J. Horrall, F. Music-hall, transportation and sport: up-to-dateness in London popular culture c. 1890-1914
J. J. Humphries, TH. Accent modelling and adaptation in automatic speech recognition
J. L. Iddon, SID. Mnemonic strategies in fronto-subcortical disorders: a neural systems approach
T. Jinpa, K. 'Self', persons and Madhyamaka dialectics: a study of Tsongkhapa's Middle Way philosophy
J. R. Jones, CHU. Granular flow in ploughshare mixers
H. E. Kalloo-Hosein, T. Development of TrkC chimaerae to compare insulin and IGF-I receptor signalling
L. S. Keates, F. Computer interaction for motion-impaired users
A. Kukreja, CHU. The pathogenesis of equine herpesvirus-1 in relation to the immune responses in a murine infection model
V. K. N. Lau, CHR. Variable rate adaptive channel coding in mobile cellular systems
B. H. Liew, T. A methodology to review operational learning and knowledge processes: case studies of two multinational joint ventures
D. Low-Beer, JN. The diffusion of AIDS in East Africa: from emergence to decline?
J. S. McKay, W. The role of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in remyelination in the central nervous system
M. G. Marshall, JN. A hybrid electroheat drying system
D. R. Micklem, JE. Trans-acting factors required for the posterior localisation of oskar mRNA
T. J. Mills, CAI. Content modelling in multimedia information retrieval systems: the Cobra retrieval system
C. T. Montague, W. Adipose depot-specific differences in human adipocyte gene expression and preadipocyte differentiation
J. D. A. Moore, CL. Studies on synaptosomal SNAREs and their complexes
V. M. Mottier, CL. Subjectivity and social theory: Merleau-Ponty, Lacan and Foucault
J. F. Osborne, NH. Transmission of powdery scab disease of potatoes by seed tubers
C. E. Otley, CHU. Adenosine receptors and regulation of the coronary circulation
C. J. Petry, DOW. Metabolic consequences of intrauterine growth retardation combined with adult obesity
D. M. Potash, TH. The emergence of conservative Republicanism, 1908-1912
M. D. Purcell, JN. The mosquitocidal activity of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis
E. L. Ridler, TH. Wave-current interactions and drift velocities over rippled beds
W. G. Rush, HH. The activism of ideas: J. A. Hobson's opposition to aggressive imperialism, 1896-1902
M. Sachania, CHR. The arrangements of Leopold Godowsky: an aesthetic, historical, and analytical study
C. D. Saldivar-Sali, W. Host country characteristics and manufacturing decisions: discovering influences and relationships
V. Saporta, DAR. Essays on market microstructure
S. J. Smith, DAR. Haem biosynthesis and its control in human erythroid cells
J. P. Sullivan, M. The development of methanotroph based systems for the degradation of chloro- and polyaromatics
R. E. M. Swann, T. MPEG-II video coding for noisy channels
L. S. Tan, CHU. Analysis and implementation of the class E amplifier
A. Tosi, K. The forgotten years: Russian prose in the age of Alexander I, 1801-1825
G. W. Walker, G. Constraints upon the achievable performance of vehicle suspension systems
A. M. Wallis, JN. The control of secondary and leakage flows in a shrouded multistage turbine
E. M. Weston, SID. A biometrical analysis of evolutionary change within the Hippopotamidae
M-C. Wu, F. Mouse models of human lung cancer development

Master of Science

P. D. V. Pinto da Cunha, HH. The characterization of steady and unsteady rheological behaviour of clay suspensions
S. Suranthiran, W. Control with non-quadratic criteria

Master of Letters

S. Burns, CL. Abuse and forgiveness - theological and psychological aspects
F. A. Valverde, CLH. The Canadian War Artists' Programme 1942-1946

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)


R. J. Marshall, JE


J. F. Hannah, CTH


M. C. Bickley, CTH  R. A. Majzoub, W
J. Carmai, Q


J. R. Mackowiak, T


P. Bunnag, DAR  T. P. Molloy, TH

Master of Studies


C. Schaper, W M. Vijayendran, M
M. G. Tait, W

Diploma in Legal Studies

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law have awarded a Diploma in Legal Studies to the following:
K. Langenbucher-Adolff, CL

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