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Smuts Visiting Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies, 1999-2000: Notice

The Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund invite applications for a Smuts Visiting Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies for the academical year 1999-2000. The tenure of the Fellowship will normally be for nine months from 1 October, but the date of the commencement may be altered by the Managers, by not more than a few months, to suit the convenience of the person appointed. The Fellow will be expected to reside in Cambridge during the major part of the appointment and to advance Commonwealth Studies in Cambridge, mainly by pursuing research, but also by taking part in seminars and similar activities within the University. The interests of the Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund embrace Commonwealth-related aspects of the following fields: archaeology and anthropology, economics, history, human geography, law, literature, oriental studies, and social and political sciences. The holdings of Faculty and Department libraries and of the libraries of the Centres of African Studies and of South Asian Studies supplement those of the University Library, which is itself a library of some five million volumes and which also now houses the extensive collection of materials relating to the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth formerly in the Royal Commonwealth Society Library, London.

 The emolument of the Visiting Fellow will be a sum to be determined by the Managers, after taking account of his or her other resources, up to £15,000 for a nine-month stay (which may be subject to tax and may be reduced pro rata for a shorter period). They may also, after considering the Fellow's resources, reimburse all or part of the cost of the Fellow's travel to Cambridge and back. The Managers cannot, however, provide additional sums for the travel or living expenses of persons accompanying the Fellow to Cambridge. Applicants for the Fellowship should be members of the staff of another university or other suitably qualified persons; officers of the University of Cambridge are not eligible. Preference will be given to promising younger scholars holding a Ph.D. Degree or equivalent qualification who are nationals or permanent residents of the overseas countries of the Commonwealth and who have active research interests in an area or areas of scholarship falling within the fields of interest of the Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund. It is the Managers' expectation that those applying would normally be intending to come to Cambridge in order to carry forward research for which a period in residence in Cambridge is demonstrably appropriate. It is likely that the Managers will give preference to applicants who have not already made use of an opportunity to study or work overseas.

 Applications should include the names of three persons to whom reference may be made. They should contain a curriculum vitae, a list of the applicant's publications, full details of the proposed work to be undertaken in Cambridge, and details of the applicant's probable financial resources for the period of tenure of the Fellowship. They should be sent to the Secretary to the Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ, so as to arrive not later than 31 May 1998.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 3rd December 1997
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