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Land Economy Tripos, Parts IA, IB, and II, 1998: Notice

The Board of Land Economy give notice that, with effect from the examinations to be held in 1998, the form of the examinations for the Land Economy Tripos will be changed as follows:

Paper 3. Accounting and data evaluation

Candidates will be provided with a list of statistical formulae in the examination room.

Paper 9. Private law

This paper will contain ten questions, of which candidates will be required to attempt four. Candidates may use their own copies of Blackstone's Statutes of Contract and Tort (any edition), or Blackstone's Statutes on Contract, Tort and Restitution (any edition).

Paper 11. Land and urban economics

 This paper will be divided into three sections as follows:

 Section A, Land markets and policy.

 Section B, Housing economics and policy.

 Section C, Urban economics and the economics of commercial property markets.

 The paper will contain ten questions; candidates will be required to attempt four questions, including at least one question from each section.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 12th November 1997
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