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Committee of the Regions of the European Union


The Committee of the Regions (COR) organizes an annual doctoral thesis competition dedicated to the role of local and regional authorites in the European Union. The subject chosen for 1997-98 is Region and city: rivals or partners in a decentralized Europe? There are two prizes of ECU 2,000 and ECU 700 plus support for publication of the winning theses.

 The competition is open to nationals of an EU Member State who are aged between twenty-five and thirty-five. Theses, which should be in the field of law, economics, or political or social science, and written in an official EU language, must be completed during 1997. Theses should not have been published or have won a prize in any other competition. Special consideration will be given to theses that contain research covering more than one country.

 Candidates should submit two copies of their thesis, together with a summary (of not more than eight pages) in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish (the working languages of the 1997-98 selection board), and a curriculum vitae, to the general secretariat of COR, Directorate for the Registry, Legal Service and Studies, Rue Belliard 79-81, B-1040, Brussels, postmarked not later than the closing date, 15 December 1997.

 Competition rules may be requested by fax until 10 December 1997 (fax 0032 2282 23 30).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 15th October 1997
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