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St John's College


 1. Applications are invited from men and women who are graduates of UK universities or registered Graduate Students of the University of Cambridge. Applicants must be within four years of starting on full-time research on 9 February 1998. Allowance for a period of intermission may be given on application in certain circumstances.

 2. Applications must be received by the Master of St John's College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP, by 9 February 1998. Application forms may be obtained from the Domestic Bursar's Office.

 3. Candidates who are short-listed by the College Council by 7 March 1998 will be required to submit three copies of their writings to the College by not later than 12 March 1998; in the event of a Research Fellowship being offered and accepted, one of these three copies will be retained for the College Archives.

 4. The election will be made before 15 May 1998.

 5. Successful candidates will enter into their Fellowships on 1 October 1998 and will vacate them on 30 September 2001. Tenure of the Fellowship is conditional upon the holder devoting himself or herself to research to the satisfaction of the College Council. For the first year there is no condition of residence. Thereafter the holder must carry out the research within the University of Cambridge unless the Council is satisfied that he or she is better able to carry out the research elsewhere.

 6. Provided that a Fellow has no emoluments other than remuneration for up to six hours' College or University teaching a week, the annual stipend for Fellows who are not full-time students working for a degree or other qualification is at present on the scale £16,045 to £17,606. A reduced scale applies to Fellows who are full-time students. The stipend for a Fellow who has other emoluments (other than up to six hours' teaching) will be reduced by the total amount of those other emoluments.

 7. Accommodation in College is provided free of charge for non-residing Fellows; resident Fellows are charged for service and supplies. One meal a day is provided free of charge to all Fellows.


In May 1998 the College proposes to elect a number of graduate students to Benefactors' Scholarships tenable from October 1998.

 Value. The maximum annual value of up to six of these Scholarships will consist of a maintenance grant of at least £5,295 (expected to be reviewed annually), and the following additional payments: (a) approved University and College fees; (b) a contribution towards expenses of travel and reasonable removal expenses from the Scholar's home; (c) an annual contribution towards the cost of a return journey home; (d) an annual Scholarship emolument of £150; (e) an annual book grant of up to £300. Financial assistance may also be given towards the cost of field-work, attendance at conferences, and other essential academic expenses. The annual value of Scholarships beyond this number will consist of an emolument of £150, and a book grant of up to £300.

 Eligibility. (i) Members of the College in their first or second year of residence as candidates for the Ph.D. Degree; (ii) applicants to the College (a) for admission as Graduate Students intending to register as candidates for the Ph.D. Degree; (b) for admission as Graduate Students for the M.Phil. Degree; (c) for admission to read for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III of the Mathematical Tripos) with the intention of registering thereafter as candidates for the Ph.D. Degree.

 Tenure. For the normal minimum duration of the course subject to satisfactory academic progress. In the case of awards under (ii) (c) the Scholarship is renewable for three years subject to satisfactory academic progress if a distinction is obtained in the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics.

 There is no separate form of application for these Scholarships. All eligible applicants who by 1 May 1998 have accepted the College's offer of admission will be considered. Applicants should apply to the Board of Graduate Studies (at 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ), and are advised to do so not later than 31 December 1997, although this is in no sense a closing date for College purposes. It is merely advisory, and is suggested in view of delays that may occur between the submission of applications and their receipt by the College after sometimes lengthy consideration by the relevant Faculty or Department.

 Suitably qualified graduate members of other Cambridge colleges wishing to be considered are requested to inform the Tutor for Graduate Affairs by the end of the Lent Term 1998.

 Applicants will be required also to apply for all other research awards for which they are eligible. In particular, overseas applicants are directed to apply for Overseas Research Scholarships (closing date late April 1998; for further information see Graduate Studies Prospectus, 7.4). The value of any Scholarship awarded will be reduced appropriately to take account of payments from other sources. Election will be conditional upon admission by the Board of Graduate Studies.

 Enquiries and requests for further information should be addressed to the Tutor for Graduate Affairs (R), St John's College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 15th October 1997
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