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Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships 1998-1999

Please note that the closing date has passed. Next year's timetable is likely to be similar.

The President and Fellows of Harvard College have announced that Fellowships provided by the bequest of Mrs Frank Knox for the Frank Knox Memorial Foundation will be made available to enable four students from the United Kingdom to spend the academic year 1998-99 at Harvard. Depending on the continuing availability of sufficient funds, these awards may possibly be renewed - in the case of Fellows registered for a degree programme of more than one year's duration - for a further year following the initial year of tenure. Knox Fellows admitted as one year Special Students will be eligible for support for that year only.

The Fellows will be required to devote the major part of their time to study in one of the following Faculties of Harvard University: Arts and Sciences (including Engineering and Medical Sciences), Business Administration, Design, Divinity, Education, Law, Public Administration (John F.Kennedy School of Government), and Public Health. The University will try to arrange a course suitable to the requirements of a Fellow.

Candidates applying to study in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may be registered either as degree candidates or as Special Students. Special Students are non-degree students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and enjoy many of the same privileges as degree candidates in the University.

Candidates wishing to undertake the M.B.A. should have completed at least two years' full-time employment in industry, business, or public service by September 1998.

Candidates seeking admission to the Law School should note that the School requires students to have completed their resident university education and hold a basic degree in Law before applying for an advanced degree programme (Master of Laws).

Knox Fellowships are not awarded for postdoctoral study at Harvard.

It is absolutely vital that each candidate file an admissions application directly with the Graduate School of his/her choice at Harvard University; and each candidate must meet the admission requirements and timetable of the School concerned. Candidates are urged to begin correspondence with the particular school at the earliest possible date. Admission to a School is a prior condition of the award of a Knox Fellowship. The addresses and application deadlines of the Schools are listed below:

  Harvard Divinity School, Office of the Registrar, Andover Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadline: Th.D - 31 December 1997: All others - 1 February 1998.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Admissions Office, Byerly Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadline: Natural Sciences - 16 December 1997: All others - 30 December 1997.

Graduate School of Design, Office of the Committee of Admissions, Scholarships and Awards, Gund Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadline: Prelim (necessary for applicants) 1 December 1997. M. Arch - 2 January 1998, M. Landscape Arch - 30 January 1998: All others - 13 February 1998.

Graduate School of Education, Admissions Office, Longfellow Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadline: D.Ed. 2 January 1998: All others - 8 January 1998.

Graduate School of Business Administration, Admissions Office, Dillon House, Soldiers Field, Boston, Massachusetts 02163. Application Deadlines: 12 November 1997, 8 January 1998, 5 March 1998.

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Admissions Office, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadlines: two year MPP/MPA programmes: 5 January 1998. Mid-career MPA - 9 January 1998. Special Student Programme - 1 May 1998.

Harvard Law School, Secretary, International Legal Studies, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Application Deadline: 1 January 1998.

Harvard School of Public Health, Admissions Office, 677 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115. Application Deadline: 2 January 1998.

These are the last days on which applications will be accepted.

Candidates should submit applications for admission to the appropriate School at the earliest possible time and need not wait for the deadline.

The value of each Fellowship is $15,500, plus tuition and health insurance fee. This should be adequate for the expenses and support of an unmarried Fellow who, it is hoped, can be assigned to one of the University dormitories or halls. Travel grants are not awarded but in cases of severe hardship application can be made to Harvard for financial assistance towards travel costs.


The Fellowships advertised in the United Kingdom are open to:

(i) men and women who:

(a) are British citizens at the time of application, and normally resident in the United Kingdom;
(b) are studying for a first or higher degree and have spent at least two of the last four years at a University or University College at the time of application; and
(c) have graduated, or will graduate in the academic year 1997-98.

(ii) men and women who, not earlier than 1996, graduated from a University or University College in the United Kingdom and who:

(a) are British citizens at the time of application, and normally resident in the United Kingdom;
(b) having had experience in the field of business, education, or government service, wish to study in the Graduate Schools of Business, Education, Public Administration, or Public Health.

No application will be considered from any student already in the United States.

In accordance with the Deed of Gift, special regard will be given to personal qualities. The following is an extract from the Deed:

  'Candidates will be selected on the basis of future promise of leadership. Strength of character, keen mind, a balanced judgement, and devotion to the democratic ideal will be the qualities borne in mind in making the final selection. The Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships were established in the conviction that co-operation between the British Commonwealth and the United States of America based on an informed and understanding contact of the peoples of these two great countries is an essential to international peace'.

Mrs Knox expressed the hope that holders of the Fellowships, after gaining knowledge and experience from the study away from the United Kingdom, would return to their homes to become leaders in their chosen field.


All candidates should apply on the appropriate Application Form (eight copies) obtainable from the Registrar of his/her University or University College or from this office. Applications must be sent to the Head of the applicant's University or Head of College, as appropriate and should be transmitted with a letter indicating that the candidate is in good standing, to the Secretary, Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships, 48 Westminster Palace Gardens, Artillery Row, London, SW1P 1RR, as soon as possible and not later than 31 October 1997.

Applications should be accompanied by one testimonial (eight copies) from the academic supervisor of the candidate's work and one other person should be asked to send a confidential reference about the candidate direct to the Secretary.

In the case of graduates applying under paragraph (ii) above, application forms are available from this office. Applications (eight copies) should be accompanied by one testimonial from the candidate's employer and one from the academic supervisor of the candidate's work.

N.B. To each copy of the application, candidates should also attach a short essay (less than 1,000 words) giving an account of their academic pursuits, general activities, and intellectual interests, plus reasons for wishing to study in the United States and for choice of course and institution, and with their plans for the future.

Candidates will be informed as soon as possible after the closing date whether they have been selected for interview. The interviews of short-listed applicants will be held in London on 30 January 1998.

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