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Lalor Foundation Grants

Lalor Foundation grants are made to institutions for basic postdoctoral research in reproductive biology as related to the regulation of fertility. Their purpose is to promote intensive research in the areas indicated and to assist and encourage able young investigators in academic positions to follow research careers in mammalian reproductive physiology.

The institution must be exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and must submit a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that it is 'not a proper foundation'. The applicant institution, if not located in the United States and if not already classified by the Internal Revenue Service, must submit a certified letter that it is the type of organization which is described in Section 509(a)(1), (2), (3) (whichever is appropriate) of the Internal Revenue Code, and set forth the principal facts concerning its operations.

The individual nominated by the applicant institution for the postdoctoral fellowship for conduct of the work may be a citizen of any country and should have training and experience at least equal to the Ph.D. or M.D. level. People who have held the doctoral degree for less than five years are preferred.

The applicant institution has complete freedom to make its nomination of fellow from among its own personnel or elsewhere, but, qualifications being equal, candidates from elsewhere than the proposing institution itself may carry modest preference. The institution's nominee for fellowship must be named at the time of project application and performance record incorporated therein.

The grant may range up to $22,500 a year for coverage of fellowship stipend, institutional overhead, laboratory and miscellaneous expenses, and as need may indicate, proportionately less for shorter time grants. Renewal for one additional year is possible under special circumstances.

Application materials are available upon request to the Lalor Foundation, Box 2493, Providence, RI 02906, USA. Final date for receipt from applicant institution of executed Application Form, complete with supporting data, is 15 January 1998. Notification regarding appointments may be expected by 15 March.

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