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Canada Memorial Foundation


Please note that the closing date was 25 October 1997. Next year's timetable is likely to be similar.

Two were offered to United Kingdom citizens for study in Canada from Autumn 1997.

Awards are offered by, and financed by, the Canada Memorial Foundation in memory of the one million Canadians who served with Great Britain during the First and Second World Wars, and to strengthen and continue the remarkable relationship which developed between the peoples of Canada and Great Britain during those times of peril.


Prospective candidates must be United Kingdom citizens and normally resident within the United Kingdom.

The minimum academic qualification normally acceptable is an upper second-class honours degree. Given the current level of competition it is extremely unlikely that candidates with other classes of degree will be considered, unless they can give good reasons, or send relevant documentation with their applications which would satisfy the Foundation that the qualifications they hold should be deemed equivalent to those cited above.

Candidates should normally be under thirty years of age; candidates will not be disqualified solely on the grounds of their age if they can show convincing reasons why the Foundation should consider their application.

Candidates are asked to give an account of the reasons why they wish to study in Canada.

Award holders are asked to sign a declaration agreeing to return to the United Kingdom at the end of their award.

Fields of study and duration of awards

Awards are normally available for one year only, and are tenable for study leading to a university qualification.

Awards may, in exceptional circumstances, be awarded for one year of a two-year study programme. Candidates may be asked, if they wish to follow a two-year study programme, to provide assurances that they have sources of additional funding for the second year before the Foundation awards them a one-year scholarship under this scheme.

Awards cannot be held for postdoctoral study which would not lead to an academic qualification; nor will awards be given for one year of a Ph.D. programme (Canadian or British).

Scholarships may be held in any subject taught at postgraduate level; it is not, however, necessary to obtain a university place before applying for an award.

Prospective candidates can make a preliminary check on whether study facilities are likely to be available in their subject by consulting the Canada section of the Commonwealth University Yearbook. More detailed information should be obtained from the prospectuses of individual institutions.

Value of awards

The award will cover travel to and from Canada, University fees, a maintenance allowance, medical insurance in Canada and other small grants for books etc.

Awards cannot normally be held with other awards.

The competition

The selection of candidates for interview will take place between the end of October and December; this selection will be based only on the application sent to the ACU by the candidates and the supporting references. Documentation received after the closing date in October cannot be included in the first round of competition. The Foundation would anticipate interviewing two to three times as many candidates as they have awards available. Actual interviews take place in London the following January.

Given the level of competition, candidates who cannot attend an interview could not expect to be selected for an award.

To apply for a Scholarship

Please write for a prospectus and application form to: Scholarships Enquiries (PO/CMF), Commonwealth Awards Division, Association of Commonwealth Universities, John Foster House, 36 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PF, tel. 0171 387 8572.
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