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Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust

The Trust was established by the Cambridge Political Economy Society (which produces The Cambridge Journal of Economics and Contributions to Political Economy) in 1985.

The stated aims of the Trust are (1) to advance the education of the public in political economy and related matters, (2) to promote research in matters pertaining to political economy and to publish the useful results of such research. The Trustees interpret this to include all studies within the social sciences which are germane to economics, and applications are welcomed from other Faculties.

The Trustees have two statutory meetings a year. The current deadlines for applications for funding are 1 January and 1 June.

Potential applicants should note that, because of the limited nature of the funds at their disposal, the Trustees tend to favour (1) cases where a modest grant will enable a piece of work to be completed and (2) cases where a small grant may help the procurement of funds from elsewhere.

For further information about applications please write to the Chairman of the Trustees, c/o the CJE Office, Room 41, Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Politics, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DD.

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