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Research Maintenance Grants Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, pp. 679 and 871

Within the strictly limited resources of the Research Maintenance Grants Fund the General Board will consider awarding grants for the academical year 1998-99 to applicants who have been admitted or who are about to be admitted by the Board of Graduate Studies to work for the Ph.D. Degree and who either are ineligible to apply for a British Academy Postgraduate Studentship or similar U.K. national award or, exceptionally, have, although eligible, not succeeded in obtaining such an award. Only those who qualified to proceed to a Bachelor's Degree of the University of Cambridge after 1 October 1995 will be eligible for consideration in the September 1998 competition.

The maximum value of each grant would be nine-tenths of the prevailing British Academy Postgraduate Studentship basic maintenance rate, with provision for approved University and College fees at the home/EC rate.

Applications, which must be on the prescribed form available from Tutors and from the office of the Committee on Grants, should be sent through the applicant's Tutor so as to reach the office of the Committee on Grants, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ, by 1 May 1998.

Applicants for Research Maintenance Grants who are eligible to be considered for the Allen, Meek, and Read Scholarships need not submit separate applications for the Scholarships but will be considered for them automatically on the basis of their Research Maintenance Grant application.

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