Motor Proctor

The University's Special Pro-Proctor for Motor Vehicles is Tony Palmer. He is responsible for licensing the keeping and using of motor vehicles (other than mopeds) within 10 miles of Great St Mary's Church by University students who have not yet reached MA status and are in residence in term or in the Long Vacation period of residence. The Motor Proctor also has the power to impose a fine of up to £175 for students breaching the regulations on the keeping and using of motor vehicles.

Motor Vehicles

How are licences granted?

University students can only keep and use motor vehicles in the area and in the times specified above via a written recommendation from their Tutor to the Motor Proctor. The issue of a licence may be conditional upon the person to whom it is issued being covered by insurance on behalf of passengers and upon restrictions on the garaging and parking of a vehicle for which it is issued.

The Motor Proctor decides on each individual case whether or not a licence is to be issued. Licence applications must be made within seven days of the vehicle being brought within the ten-mile radius of Great St Mary's Church, or within the first seven days of Michaelmas term if the application is for a renewal.

What are the criteria to obtaining a licence?

To obtain a licence you should match one of the following:

  • be a graduate of a university
  • be an undergraduate who has kept or been allowed nine terms of residence
  • be an undergraduate who has not kept nine terms but has exceptional individual circumstances, e.g. medical problems or special needs related to academic work
  • be an undergraduate who has not kept nine terms but who will use the vehicle for the purposes of a University Department, or a University or College club or society

How do I get full details of the licensing procedure?

The licencing procedure is laid down in Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge 2010 , page 199-200, 'Motor Vehicles' paragraphs numbered 1 to 8.

The Motor Proctor's office is open during term time only on Mondays and Thursday between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.

The Old Schools, Cambridge CB2 1TN
Tel: (01223) 333310