Gender Equality Group (GEG)

A brief history of the University's Equal Pay Review leading to the formation of GEG.

The University's first Equal Pay Review (EPR) was undertaken in 2008. Its second in 2009 included specific analysis of the following:

  • Cumulative comparisons of average stipend, market supplements, and pensionable and non pensionable payments.
  • Comparison of average stipends for part and full time staff.
  • The award of contribution increments and the distribution within contribution points in grades and occupational categories for academic related and assistant staff.
  • Gender analysis of stipends paid to new starters.

In its response to the equal pay investigations, the University initially established the Gender Representation Review Group (GRRG) for a fixed period, to consider findings and make recommendations for further action or investigation. GRRG concluded its remit at the end of 2009, and those recommendations are now being taken forward by the University's newly formed, Gender Equality Group (GEG), established in May 2010.

GEG has an ongoing remit to oversee production of further Equal Pay Reviews, consider findings and instigate actions as appropriate. GEG is chaired by the Gender Equality Champion Professor Dame Athene Donald and reports to the University's HR Committee.

Equal Pay Reviews

Gender Action Plan

During the 2012/13 academic year, the University developed the Senior Gender Equality Network (SGEN), which made a number of gender equality recommendations. These were formulated in to a Gender Action Plan 2013/14, which was adopted by the Gender Equality Group (GEG).

In developing the Gender Action Plan, other related areas of work were incorporated including priorities identified by Athena SWAN, GEG, University Equality Objective 1 (which covers gender equality), the Equal Pay Reviews and engagement initiatives.