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A V Hill Lecture - The cortex and the hand of the primate: a special relationship

The A V Hill lecture by Professor Roger Lemon, Sobell Chair of Neurophysiology, Institute of Neurology, University College London.

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Café Sci Cambridge: What does your DNA actually say about you?


The Locker Café

What can your DNA actually say about you? Reading our genetic code is getting faster and cheaper. It’s changing how we might treat disease and explore our ancestry. But can your DNA tell you if you love/hate the taste of Marmite or are more partial to Malbec or a Merlot? Join Patrick Short from Wellcome Sanger Institute to discuss potential applications of this technology and to distinguish wishful thinking from scientific fact.

Patrick is a final-year PhD student at the Wellcome Sanger Institute working with Dr. Matt Hurles on understanding the role of mutations outside of genes in severe developmental disorders. Patrick has also co-founded a startup called Heterogeneous that allows individuals to contribute their genetic data to different research projects with full control over how their data is used and who it is accessed by.

Cost: Free

Ages: 12+

Enquiries and booking

No need to book.

This is a non-ticketed event.
Doors open at 18:45 so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Enquiries: Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement Website


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Address: The Locker Café
54 King Street