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The Annunciation by Luca Giordano

ONLINE COURSE Consider the lily: lilies in history, art and culture

Fri 17 September


Lauded by artists and gardeners and tracked by plant hunters, the lily has long fascinated for its duality of purity and sexuality. From the Madonna Lily to the exotic Tiger Lily, the ‘herring lily’ to Lilium regale, the latter imported to our shores long after the demise of Henrietta Maria, Rose and Lily Queen. We will explore the lily in paintings, proverbs and poetry, literature and gardens, and will cast our nets wide to include both the aristocratic ‘liliums’ and the more ‘commonly named’ water lilies and day lilies, not to mention lily of the valley. Join us as we ‘gild refined gold and paint the lily’!

Dr Twigs Way is a garden historian, writer and researcher. Twigs is fascinated by the past and intrigued by the role of flowers, gardens and landscape in art and culture of all kinds. Her talks and books reflect that endless curiosity with books on plants and gardens exploring themes of symbolism and meaning, class and gender, art and literature. Every plant has a tale to tell, every garden a past. Twigs is an accredited Arts Society lecturer and her history of the Chrysanthemum in art and culture was published by Reaktion in 2020. She is currently working on the equally golden daffodil.

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Fri 17 September 10:00AM - 1:00PM


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