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Gurminder Sikand Tree Spirits 1991

Exhibition: The Goddess, the Deity & the Cyborg

Drawing from the works in The Women’s Art Collection as well as loans from public and private collections, the exhibition explores the enduring appeal of the goddess and traces how artists have adapted and even transformed the goddess into an ambiguous figure undefined by gender or even bodily form.

Painting with delicate translucent layers through which a foot is visible.

Holding Time

Thu 13 June - Thu 18 July

Art at the ARB

Join us at the exhibition reception at the Alison Richard Building on Saturday 15 June from 15:00 – 17:00. An informal tour of the exhibition will take place at 16:00, all are welcome!

‘Holding Time’ is an exhibition by Ruth Murray and Linda Hemmersbach. It explores their mutual fascination with the materiality of paint and its ability to evoke places and sensations through colour, surface and touch. Focusing on the relationship between ourselves and the environments we inhabit and through which we move, the exhibition aims to show the many shared avenues that their studio practices have taken. Themes such as landscape, geological matter, deep time, the body and birth, are presented as constellations of memory, consciousness and hope.

Ruth’s brushwork has the messy, writhing quality of natural forms. At close range her scenes and isolated figures dissolve into patterns and surfaces, establishing striking correspondences between trees, leaves, stones, and waves. Hinting at natural forms and forces, Linda’s paintings impart the sensation of staying, looking and feeling. Both artists convey the universality of matter as always in the process of silent reformation and resurfacing. In moving between the paintings, the viewer experiences a transference of energy as if from one manifestation of this underlying process to another.

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