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Maud Sulter: The Centre of the Frame

The exhibition brings together Maud Sulter’s iconic photographic series Zabat (1989), which features portraits of contemporary Black female figures dressed as the Greek Muses.

To Ithaka: An exhibition of paintings, drawings and pastels by Mark Cazalet

Fri 8 October - Thu 18 November

Clare Hall

Details from the Committee:
Our first exhibition this academic year will be the equivalent to a firework display in its rush of energy and its multiple sparks of brilliant colour. Mark Cazalet is a dynamic artist, whose insight and enthusiasm for art make him a notable figure at the Royal Drawing School and a significant presence within the contemporary arts scene. Yet his artistic development has followed a singular path, out of step with many of the fast-changing fashions within art practice. His chosen media are traditional, but his awareness of the texture and feel of everyday life is intensely modern. Whether travelling abroad or on home territory, he is alert to the surface appearances of things and in his treatment of them seeks out further meanings. Looking at his art, one sometimes feels that everything seems to shimmer with vitality.

Visit the exhibition from 10am-5pm daily (after the Private View on 7 October).

About the artist:
Mark Cazalet is a contemporary artist based in London and Suffolk, UK. He trained at Chelsea School of Art and Falmouth School of Art. Immediately after graduating he was awarded the French government’s National Studentship award to study in France. He studied at L’école des Beaux-Arts, in the studio of Christian Boltanski. Simultaneously to this scholarship, Mark was awarded a year at the Cite-des-Arts studio complex in the Marais. After a year back in London he went to M.S. University Baroda for an eighteen-month Association of Commonwealth Universities Scholarship to study under Professor Fulham Mohamed Sheikh. Since his return to the UK, Mark has held a number of residencies, and in 2012 and 2013 was artist-in-residence twice at The Anni and Josef Albers Foundation, Connecticut, US. He is a Senior Member of Faculty at The Royal Drawing School; teaches at West Dean College and The Edward James Foundation, Sussex; and is a Trustee of City and Guilds of London Art School.

Cost: Free

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10:00am-5:00pm daily from Friday 8 October until Thursday 18 November

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