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CBC Wellness Campaign: Kicking your inner critic into the kerb

Tue 18 May

This CBC Wellness Campaign webinar is the third of four being run on Tuesday lunchtimes on alternate weeks. See below for click-through links for the other webinars in the 'Science of Wellness' series. Recordings of the previous webinars are on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus YouTube channel and on the CUHP website once they have been broadcast.
The 'Science of Wellness'
Life can be hard. Work can be stressful. Work-life balance can be hard. Over the last year or so we have all suffered in one way or another at the hands of Covid-19 and even though we might be experiencing somewhat of a reprieve it doesn't necessarily mean that we are feeling good about ourselves or about life.
David Brown, scientist-turned-life-coach will spend 30 minutes over lunchtime helping us with strategies for coping (with an additional 15 minutes of Q&A afterwards for those who can stay).
In the third webinar in this series, David will talk us through how to kick your inner critic into the kerb. Do join us - it might just be the best 30 minute break you've taken.
David's Story
My journey begins with experiencing emotional neglect as a child, my parents separated when I was a baby, and they were emotionally unavailable for me. I was a quiet, shy child, and very emotionally withdrawn.
When I was 11 my elder brother took his own life. That was a catalyst for change, but it took about 30 years to get there.
My career started out in the science field. I have a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and worked at the University of Cambridge researching neuroscience.
For 30 years I have been learning and teaching martial arts, Japanese sword, and adopting a zen philosophy – which influence my work as a coach – supporting people to be clear about their values, adopt boundaries and live life in a way that feels meaningful.
David's business is Potentiality Coaching and he can be contacted by organisations and individuals as follows:
07980 204946 | david@potentialitycoaching.co.uk https://potentialitycoaching.co.uk/
The final webinar in the 'Science of Wellbeing' series:
• 1/6/21 Communication in relationships at work and home – David Brown life coach and trainer shows us the difference between reacting and responding in communication https://cbc_wellness_campaign_communication.eventbrite.co.uk

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