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Open Saturday: Defeat The Helix

An alien life-form known as The Helix has found Earth and is taking over the planet as we know it! Can you solve clues to defeat them? Enter Mission HQ at the Wellcome Genome Campus and work together - only your skills puzzle-solving can save us now!


Beauty Salon

Thu 9 May - Fri 14 June

Alison Richard Building

An exhibition by artists Alli Sharma, Cathy Lomax and Jennifer Campbell.

Beauty Salon examines the very feminine subject of beauty in a visceral and challenging manner. The paintings and sculptures in the exhibition investigate the work that goes into achieving and maintaining the surface of appearance by confronting, critiquing and celebrating the ritual and routine of beauty. Alongside this, the artists foreground and unpick the resulting display of beauty as displayed in fashion, film, art history, advertising and on social media.

An accompanying Beauty Salon zine extends the themes of the exhibition with contributions from Paul Kindersley and Alex Michon alongside writing and visuals from the artists and will be available at the exhibition.

An exhibition Private View will take place on Saturday 18 May from 15:00-18:00, all welcome!

Cost: free

Ages: All ages

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No need to book.

Enquiries: Judith Weik Website Email: jw571@cam.ac.uk Telephone: 01223760488


9:00am-7:00pm on weekdays from Thursday 9 May until Friday 14 June (except on Bank Holidays)

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