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David Hockney new self portrait

Hockney’s Eye: The Art and Technology of Depiction

One of the most influential artists of our time, David Hockney (b.1937) takes over Cambridge this spring and summer with an exhibition across The Fitzwilliam Museum and The Heong Gallery, Downing College.

The Art and Heart of Leonardo - an exhibition

Thu 5 May - Mon 13 June

Clare Hall

Dissecting the hearts of oxen and working with intuition, Leonardo described, with astonishing precision, the anatomy and workings of the heart long before William Harvey posited the circulation of the blood. Leonardo was a profound lateral thinker and applied his ideas in functional anatomy across species. This allows us to draw a parallelism between his analysis of birds' wings and photographs of birds in flight taken by Owen Burke, who has kindly lent these to the exhibition.

As an artist fascinated by both art and science, Leonardo was able to see things that many could not. This has inspired the investigative and imaginative contemporary drawings made by students of the Academia in Venice, while studying an innovative course on ‘artistic anatomy’, conceived by Professor Mauro Zocchetta. We are grateful to the Academia for the loan of some of these drawings. It is hoped that this broader approach to Leonardo and his legacy will result in an exhibition that invites engagement at many levels of academic interest.

We are especially grateful to co-curator Francis Wells, a cardiac surgeon at the Royal Papworth Hospital, who is also the author of a scholarly book titled The Heart of Leonardo, as well as an Honorary Fellow of Clare Hall. His book demonstrates the accuracy of Leonardo’s observation and physiological reasoning. Leonardo himself never published his anatomical knowledge, as he intended to do, and it can therefore be regarded as another of his great unfinished projects. Only in the twentieth century did his anatomical achievement begin to receive public recognition.

Previous versions of this exhibition have been shown abroad. It is very appropriate that Clare Hall, a forward-looking college, should be the first place to show it in England. We are extremely grateful to Francis Wells for loaning us facsimiles in his possession, for the time and attention he has given to their presentation, and, above all, for all the insights he offers into Leonardo’s work. Such generosity will entice and reward many visitors to this exhibition.

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