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Gurminder Sikand Tree Spirits 1991

Exhibition: The Goddess, the Deity & the Cyborg

Drawing from the works in The Women’s Art Collection as well as loans from public and private collections, the exhibition explores the enduring appeal of the goddess and traces how artists have adapted and even transformed the goddess into an ambiguous figure undefined by gender or even bodily form.

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Cambridge Patient and Public Involvement Showcase

Tue 25 June

Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Campus

Join us for this free in-person event for members of the public, carers, patients and research staff, as we celebrate the impact that public involvement has had on local research.

The showcase will have morning and afternoon sessions with live talks, and a poster-and-networking session with light lunch and refreshments.

To book a ticket for the morning session https://bit.ly/CambPPIweek-AM
for the afternoon afternoon session visit: https://bit.ly/CambPPIweek-PM
you are welcome to attend both

Researchers at NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Anglia Ruskin University and our partners across the region are at the forefront of research tackling some of the major health challenges of our time. Patient and public involvement in this research is crucial and this event aims to showcase and celebrate the difference public involvement has and is making today.

If you are interested in finding out more about health research and how the public has helped make a difference to the research, this event is for you. Network with researchers and the public highlighting the valuable work that is going on in the community.

Cost: free

Enquiries and booking

Please note that booking is required for this event.

This event has a morning and afternoon with poster exhibition over a light lunch. It is for public and research staff.

You are welcome to book for both sections.

Enquiries: Georgina Norris Website Email: gan23@cam.ac.uk Telephone: N/A


In person

All times

Tue 25 June 10:00AM - 3:00PM


Free event has talks in the morning and afternoon
and poster exhibition and light lunch in-between
We are wanting people to book a morning and afternoon ticket if they would like to attend both.
You can visit my Eventbrite organiser link to see all events for the week
Address: Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Campus
Atrium and Seminar Room
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Campus, Puddicombe Way
United Kingdom
Email: gan23@cam.ac.uk