Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 42

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Chapter XXXV


Notwithstanding the title of the Lowndean Professorship of Astronomy and Geometry it shall be competent for the electors on each occasion to elect a Professor who proposes to profess solely or chiefly Astronomy, or one who proposes to profess solely or chiefly Geometry. This Statute shall not imply any limitation of the power of the University or of the General Board under Statute C or any Special Ordinance made under it. In particular, it shall be competent for the University in exercising its powers of making regulations under Statute C to provide that for the time being at successive elections to the Professorship candidature may be limited, or preference may be given by the electors, to candidates who propose to profess only one of the subjects Astronomy and Geometry, or some particular subject or subjects falling within the scope of one of them.