Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 687

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University Centre

Membership of the University Centre

1. The following shall be entitled to be members of the University Centre:

  1. (a)members of the Regent House;
  2. (b)University officers and Fellows of Colleges;
  3. (c)registered Graduate Students.

2. There shall be such other categories of membership as shall be determined from time to time by the Council.

3. The Registrary may, for good cause, suspend the membership of any member either for a limited period or indefinitely, provided that any suspension under this regulation is reported to the Council at the earliest opportunity and that such a member may appeal against the suspension, or against the period of suspension, to the Council, whose decision shall be final.

General Manager of the University Centre

General Manager.

1. There shall be the University office of General Manager of the University Centre, the holder of which may also be designated by the Council as University Catering Adviser.

Appointments Committee.

2. There shall be an Appointments Committee for the University Centre which shall consist of:

  1. (a)the Vice-Chancellor (or a duly appointed deputy) as Chair;
  2. (b)the Chair of the Standing Appointments Committee for the Central Administrative Offices;
  3. (c)five members of the Regent House appointed by the Council, two on the Council's own nomination, one on the nomination of the Finance Committee, and two on the nomination of a member of the Council designated as the representative of the users of the University Centre.

The Registrary (or a deputy) shall act as Secretary of the Committee. Members in class (c) shall be appointed in the Michaelmas Term to serve for four years from 1 January following their appointment.


3. Appointments and reappointments to the University office of General Manager shall be made by the Appointments Committee for the University Centre.


4. It shall be the duty of the General Manager to manage the University Centre and other catering and social facilities as agreed from time to time by the Council, in line with financial and other policy determined from time to time by the Council. The General Manager shall be accountable to the Council through the Registrary and shall:

  1. (a)present an annual statement of accounts to the Finance Committee in the Michaelmas Term each year;
  2. (b)make an Annual Report to the Council on the affairs of the Centre.