Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 67–66

Finance Committee of the Council
(Special Ordinance under Statute A IV 8)

1. The Finance Committee of the Council shall consist of:

  1. (a)the Vice-Chancellor, or a duly appointed deputy, who shall be Chair;
  2. (b)three members of the Regent House elected by representatives of the Colleges;
  3. (c)four persons appointed by the Council, at least two of whom shall be members of the Regent House;
  4. (d)one member of the General Board appointed by the General Board;
  5. (e)three members of the Regent House appointed by Grace of the Regent House;
  6. (f)not more than two persons co-opted by the Committee, provided that it shall not be obligatory for the Committee to co-opt any person or persons;

subject always to the requirement that not less than three members of the Committee (including the Vice-Chancellor) shall be members of the Council.

2. Members in classes (b)–(e) shall be appointed or elected in the Michaelmas Term, and shall serve from 1 January next following. Members in classes (b) and (e) shall serve for three years, and members in classes (c) and (d) for four years. Co-opted members shall serve until 31 December of the year in which they are co-opted, or of the year next following, as the Committee shall determine at the time of their co-optation. If a member in class (b) or class (e) ceases to be a member of the Regent House, or if the member in class (d) ceases to be a member of the General Board, such a member’s seat shall thereupon become vacant.

3. For the purpose of the election of members of the Committee in class (b), each College shall appoint one representative, whose name shall be communicated to the Registrary. The election shall be conducted in accordance with the Single Transferable Vote regulations; voting shall be by ballot. The arrangements for the election shall be determined by the Registrary.

4. The Registrary or a University officer designated from time to time by the Council shall act as Secretary of the Committee.

5. No business shall be conducted at a meeting of the Finance Committee unless five members at least are present.