Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 166–168

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1. A student shall satisfy the examination requirements for matriculation if satisfying the requirements set out in Schedule I for the course for which he or she has been offered admission or the same subjects in other qualifications judged by the admitting College to be equivalent; in taking each decision a College shall have regard to the schedule of qualifications attached to these regulations (Schedule II) and to such advice as may be issued from time to time by the General Board.


2. If a candidate is not in the judgement of his or her admitting College completely qualified as above, but the College believes that the candidate is fit to be admitted as a candidate for honours, the College may deem the candidate to be qualified. In taking such a decision a College shall have regard to such advice as is issued from time to time by the General Board.

3. A College shall supply such information about compliance with the examination requirements for matriculation or about a decision taken under Regulation 2 in the report of a student or students admitted as the General Board shall require in any particular instance or generally.

Amendment of Schedules.

4. The General Board shall have the authority to amend the Schedules to these regulations.


Examination Requirements for Matriculation

(subject to amendment by the General Board under Regulation 4)

1. In order to be admitted, candidates must show evidence of a broad educational background and good standards of literacy and numeracy.1 A high standard of performance in three General Certificate of Education (GCE) A level subjects (or equivalent) is normally required. The University does not have any formal requirement for any particular subjects in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), save for those indicated in section 2 below.

2. Eligibility to matriculate for admission to the following Triposes shall require a pass in the subject(s) specified:




GCE A Level (or equivalent) unless otherwise indicated

Classical (direct entry to Part Ia)

Greek or Latin

Computer Science





The subject within the Tripos in which the candidate intends to specialize


Physics and Mathematics (and Chemistry for those intending to take the Chemical Engineering Tripos via the Engineering Tripos); or Mathematics and a suitable vocational qualification in an engineering discipline; or Physics and the Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering as part of the Advanced Diploma in Engineering


English Literature or combined English Language/Literature


Mathematics and (at least at AS Level) Further Mathematics

Medical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences

GCSEs – Double Award Science and Mathematics or single award Biology and Physics and Mathematics

Modern and Medieval Languages

At least one of the two languages intended in the Tripos


Music or an appropriate alternative qualification such as Associated Board Grade VIII Theory

Natural Sciences

Two from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics


Examination Requirements for Matriculation: Qualifying Awards

(subject to amendment by the General Board under Regulation 4)

Qualifications awarded by UK public examining bodies

GCE: A level (and AS)


Advanced Diploma

Higher Diploma

Scottish Certificate of Education

Welsh Baccalaureate

Cambridge Pre-U

Other qualifications of comparable standard awarded by UK public examination bodies (e.g. IGCSE; vocational A levels)

Other qualifications issued by UK public examining bodies (e.g. Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge Assessment), IELTS

Other Member States of the European Union

Normal secondary leaving examination and awards, qualifying the holder for admission to university in the country of issue (e.g. French Baccalaureate, German Abitur)

European Baccalaureate

Other European countries

Equivalent qualifications to the above

International qualifications

International Baccalaureate

Other countries

Qualifications judged by the admitting College to be substantially equivalent to the above (e.g. US Scholastic Aptitude Test, including Advanced Placement)


  1. 1. GCSE passes at grade C and above in English Language and in a Mathematics or Science Subject would normally satisfy these requirements, as would an appropriate level of attainment in other qualifications such as the Scottish Certificate of Education or the European and International Baccalaureates.a