Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 166


How it is effected.

1. A person shall be deemed to be matriculated from the beginning of the term in which a completed Matriculation Registration Form and satisfactory evidence of his or her qualification to matriculate are received by the Registrary.

Matriculation Registration Form.

2. Every candidate for matriculation shall subscribe to the following declaration by signing the Matriculation Registration Form:

‘I promise to observe the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University.’

Submission of Form.

3. The Matriculation Registration Form when completed, together with any necessary evidence of matriculability, shall be submitted to the Registrary by the proper authority of the College to which the candidate belongs or, if the candidate is not a member of a College, by the Head of the Department or other person who would be qualified to present the candidate for a degree under Regulation 9 for admission to degrees. For a candidate in statu pupillari, other than a Graduate Student, the completed Matriculation Registration Form and evidence of matriculability must be sent to the Registrary so as to arrive not later than the division of the candidate's first term of residence; provided that the Registrary shall have power to accept such form and evidence at a later date, subject to the payment of a fine of £1 in respect of each candidate unless the Tutor concerned has adduced reasons for delay which are regarded as adequate by the Council.