Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 96–97

Appeal to the Septemviri (Special Ordinance under Statute D II 4)

1. An appeal to the Septemviri may be instituted by serving on the Registrary notice in writing setting out the grounds of the appeal. A notice of appeal shall be served within twenty-eight days of the date on which the document notifying the decision appealed from was sent to the appellant, provided that the Septemviri shall have power to hear an appeal submitted after that date if they consider that justice and fairness so require in the circumstances of the case.

2. The Registrary shall inform the Septemviri of any notice of appeal received and of the date when it was served, and shall inform the appellant that this has been done.

3. The procedure to be followed in respect of the preparation, consolidation, hearing, and determination of appeals shall be prescribed by Ordinances made under this section.

4. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, such Ordinances shall ensure:

  1. (a)that an appellant is entitled to be represented by another person, whether such person is legally qualified or not, in connection with and at any hearing of an appeal;
  2. (b)that an appeal shall not be determined without an oral hearing at which, in addition to the University Advocate, the appellant and any person appointed to represent the appellant are entitled to be present and, with the consent of the Septemviri, to call witnesses;
  3. (c)that full and sufficient provision is made for postponements, adjournments, dismissal of the appeal for want of prosecution, and the correction of accidental errors;
  4. (d)that the Septemviri may set appropriate time limits for each stage of the proceedings (including the hearing itself) to the intent that any appeal shall be heard and determined as expeditiously as is reasonably practicable.

5. The Clerk of the Septemviri shall notify the decision of the Septemviri on any appeal, to the Vice-Chancellor, to the University Advocate, and to the appellant.

6. (a) A person sentenced by the Discipline Committee to deprivation or suspension of membership of the University, to deprivation or suspension of degree, or to rustication, may appeal to the Septemviri.

(b) A person on whom the Discipline Committee has imposed some other sentence may appeal to the Septemviri if he or she obtains leave either from the Chair of the Court or from the Chair of the Septemviri.

(c) An appeal under this section shall be instituted within twenty-eight days after the decision of the Court.