Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 164–165

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Facilities for research.

1. If a member of the University or an applicant for admission under Regulation 2 desires to pursue research in the interests of a commercial or industrial undertaking or association, or is not at liberty to publish the results of the research, facilities may be granted by the Head of the Department concerned, with the concurrence of the Council. The fees to be charged in such a case shall be subject to the approval of the General Board.

Teachers from other institutions.

2. Except as provided in Regulation 1, teachers from other universities, university colleges, or comparable institutions, of subjects pertaining to a Faculty or Department, or persons pursuing research upon such subjects, who are neither members of the University nor employed by the University may be admitted by the Chair of a Faculty not organized in Departments, or by the Head of a Department, to courses of instructions in that Faculty or Department, or to work in the laboratory of that Department, for a period not exceeding one year from the date of their first admission under this regulation to courses or laboratory work in any Faculty or Department in the University. This period may be extended by the Council.1 Persons so admitted shall be charged such fees, if any, as the Faculty Board or the Head of the Department may determine in each case.

Special circumstances.

3. In special circumstances persons not coming under Regulation 1 or 2 may, if they could not reasonably be expected to become members of the University, be admitted to courses of instruction organized by a Faculty or Department, or to work in a laboratory. It shall be for the Council to grant or to refuse admission to such persons. Application should be made to the Registrary, specifying the special circumstances.


4. Secretaries of the Boards of Faculties not organized in Departments, Heads of Departments, or the authorities responsible for admitting candidates to courses for Diplomas or Certificates, shall send to the Registrary, by the division of each term and before 20 July, the names of all persons receiving instruction in their Faculties or Departments, or working in a laboratory under Regulations 1–3, and the Registrary shall enter the names in an official Register, from which the Council shall have power at any time, without assigning reasons, to remove any name.


5. A person admitted under Regulation 3 to a course of instruction which consists of or includes work in a laboratory shall pay a fee the same in amount as the undergraduate rate of University Composition Fee (for home students or for overseas students as may be appropriate) for each term or vacation for which he or she is so admitted. A person admitted under Regulation 3 to any other course of instruction shall pay a fee which is one-third of that amount.

6. A lecture or course of lectures announced as free to all members of the University, even if it is not announced as free to other persons also, may be attended without fee by persons who have leave under these regulations, and by other persons also to whom the lecturer gives leave to attend.

7. The Council may for special reason reduce or waive any fee payable under Regulation 5.2


8. A member of the University who has been forbidden by the authorities of his or her College to reside in the University as a member of that College shall not during the continuance of such prohibition attend University lectures or laboratories without the leave of the Council unless he or she has been admitted to another College.

Admission to Lectures and Laboratories by Special Leave: Notice

The Council have announced (Reporter, 1930–31, p. 394) that with reference to Regulation 3:

  1. (1)Applicants should mention all the Faculties or Departments in which they wish to attend instruction.
  2. (2)Leave will not ordinarily be given for more than two terms.
  3. (3)Leave to attend instruction in the Long Vacation may be given to persons not yet admitted, but already approved for admission, to a College of the University, if it is certified that during the period of instruction they will reside either at their homes, or in accordance with the regulations for the residence of persons in statu pupillari and under the discipline of their College.

The Council have announced (Reporter, 1951–52, p. 894) that under Regulations 4 and 7 they will give leave to a University assistant to attend courses of instruction, and will remit all the fees incurred, if

  1. (a)the assistant's application is supported by the Head of his or her Department, or, if the Faculty concerned is not organized in Departments, by the Chair of the Faculty Board, and
  2. (b)if the course of instruction that the assistant wishes to attend is one in which accommodation is in any way limited, the application also has the support of the Head of the Department, or, if the Faculty concerned is not organized in Departments, the Chair of the Faculty Board, under the auspices of which the instruction is to be given.

Applications for such leave should be addressed to the Registrary.

Research in University Laboratories in the Interest of Outside Bodies: Notice

In accordance with Grace 4 of 18 March 1950, the Council announced (Reporter, 1949–50, p. 1191) that from 1 October 1950 they would not grant facilities in University laboratories for pursuing research financed from outside the University unless the arrangements had been approved in advance by the Council; and that they would not, in general, give such approval unless those arrangements provided that all financial transactions, including any payments that might be proposed by the outside body to a University teaching officer in connection with such research, were made through the University Treasurer in consultation with the Head of the Department concerned. In view of the arrangements for stipends under the Statutes approved by His Majesty in Council on 30 June 1949, the Council gave further notice that any such payments would be subject to the approval of the General Board.

The General Board has agreed that it will be willing to consider a proposal for a non-pensionable payment to a University officer for work in connection with a contract between the University and an authority outside the University, if such a payment is recommended by the Head of the Department concerned and is provided for in the contract.


  1. 1. The Council give notice that only in very exceptional circumstances will they extend this period by more than a year.a
  2. 2. The Council give notice that no fee will be charged under Regulation 5 to full-time Student Gardeners, whether paid or unpaid, who are recommended for this exemption by the Regius Professor of Botany.a