Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 48

Chapter XLVI


1. The income of the fund created by the will of Sir John Edwin Sandys, Litt.D., Orator Emeritus, shall be used primarily for the furtherance of study and research in the languages, literature, history, archaeology, and art of ancient Greece and Rome and the comparative philology of the Indo-European languages.

2. The Trustees of the Fund shall be the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of St John’s College.

3. The first charge on the income of the Fund shall be the maintenance of a studentship called the Sandys Studentship, which shall be open to graduates of the University and persons who are registered as Graduate Students in the University. The holder of the Studentship shall undertake advanced study or research in one or more of the subjects specified in Section 1 above, and for this purpose shall spend a large part of the year at a university or other place of learning outside the British Isles.

4. The Studentship shall be tenable for one year, but a Student may be re-elected on not more than two occasions.

5. The Electors to the Studentship shall include the Classical Lecturers of St John’s College and the holders of such University offices as may be specified by the University from time to time.

6. After provision has been made for the Studentship, the remainder of the income of the Fund shall be applied by the Trustees for the benefit of the Library of St John’s College.

7. Subject to the above provisions, the University, after consulting the Council of St John’s College, may from time to time make regulations for the Fund and the Studentship.