Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 44

Chapter XXXII


The provisions of any instrument of foundation, Act of Parliament, Order in Council, decree, order, statute, or other instrument (other than those of any Statute made by the University Commissioners) regarding any Professorship or Readership founded before 14 January 1927 shall cease to have effect from 13 May 1927. Each such Professorship and Readership shall thenceforth be governed by Statute C, and the University shall have power to determine from time to time the scope of the subject specified in the statutable title of the office.

Provided always that (a) if on 30 September 1926 provisions were in force for the election to a Professorship otherwise than in accordance with Statute B Chapter IX of the Old Statutes such provisions shall remain in force but be subject to alteration by the University from time to time, and (b) nothing in this section shall invalidate any Statute made by the Commissioners regarding any particular Professorship or affect the right of the Crown to appoint to the Regius Professorships of Civil Law, Physic, and History, and to the King Edward VII Professorship of English Literature.

Provided also that the investments from time to time constituting the endowment of any Professorship or Readership founded before 14 January 1927 shall continue to be treated as a separate trust fund and the income thereof shall be applied towards the stipend of the Professorship and any pension contribution payable by the University in respect of it.