Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 36

Chapter III


1. The investments representing the endowment given by the will of John Stewart of Rannoch, who died on 19 July 1884, shall constitute three trust funds called the John Stewart of Rannoch Hebrew Fund, the John Stewart of Rannoch Greek and Latin Fund, and the John Stewart of Rannoch Sacred Music Fund, the primary use of which shall be to provide scholarships in one or more of the subjects of Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and Sacred Music respectively. If two or more candidates for a scholarship show equal proficiency preference shall be given to candidates who are natives of the counties of Wilts, Somerset, or Gloucester, including the city and county of Bristol.

2. After provision has been made for the scholarships in accordance with Section 1 any unexpended income accumulated in the funds may be used for making grants to scholars or to other persons engaged in the study of any of the subjects with which the funds are associated; for purchasing books, musical instruments, or other material for the Faculties concerned; or for any other purpose for the promotion of the study of the aforesaid subjects in the University.

3. The University may from time to time make regulations governing the application of the funds.