Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 42

Chapter XXV


1. The income of investments representing for the time being the fund given by Frank McClean and accepted on 5 March 1891 shall be used for the furtherance of advanced study and research in the subjects of Astronomy (especially Gravitational Astronomy but also including the other branches of Astronomy and Astronomical Physics) and Physical Optics by the maintenance of one or more studentships called Isaac Newton Studentships.

2. The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity College may at any time transfer to the University the investments and other assets representing the fund for the time being, and upon so doing shall be discharged from the trust.

3. The following expenses may be charged upon the fund on the recommendation of the electors:

  1. (a)the purchase of instruments or apparatus required by an Isaac Newton Student for the purpose of his or her study or research: provided that such instruments or apparatus shall be the property of the trust,
  2. (b)extraordinary expenses connected with the course of study or research of a Student.