Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 39

Chapter XIII


1. The investments from time to time representing the endowment created by the will of William Worts dated 21 June 1709 shall constitute a trust fund called the Worts Fund.

2. The income of the Worts Fund shall be subject in the first instance to the following charges, namely,

  1. (i)a charge of £30 a year in favour of the Old Schools of Cambridge, so long as the said schools shall be maintained as schools for poor children;
  2. (ii)a charge of £40 a year to be laid aside, as the founder directed, for the maintenance and repairs of the road from Emmanuel College to the Gogmagog Hills, and for the maintenance of the galleries in Great St Mary’s Church (for both of which objects the founder provided in his will); such sum to be expended from time to time as there shall be occasion, in such proportions to each object as the Finance Committee of the Council shall think fit;
  3. (iii)a further charge of £40 a year to be applied in accordance with an order of the Court of Chancery dated 27 March 1742 towards the repairs of the said road;
  4. (iv)a charge of such sum, for defraying expenses connected with the administration of the fund, as the Finance Committee of the Council may think fit.

3. After the aforesaid charges have been met the income of the fund shall be applied as follows, namely,

  1. (i)the University may in any year place at the disposal of the General Board from the income of the fund a sum not exceeding £400, which may be applied in accordance with regulations made by the University from time to time to the making of grants for the promotion or encouragement of investigations in countries outside Great Britain respecting the religion, learning, law, politics, customs, manners, and rarities, natural or artificial, of those countries, or for purposes of geographical discovery or of antiquarian or scientific research in such countries, subject to any conditions as to publication of the results of investigations which may be laid down at the time of the making of the grant;
  2. (ii)the remaining income of the Worts Fund shall be applied to the use of the University Library in such manner as the University may from time to time determine.