Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 23–24

Chapter II


1. This chapter enables the appropriate body to dismiss any member of the academic staff by reason of redundancy. For the purposes of this chapter the appropriate body shall be either the Council or the General Board, as the case may be, acting in its capacity as the competent authority.

2. Nothing in this chapter shall prejudice, alter, or affect any rights, powers, or duties of the University or apply in relation to a person unless

  1. (a)her or his appointment was made, or contract of employment was entered into, on or after 20 November 1987; or
  2. (b)he or she was promoted on or after that date.

3. For the purposes of Section 2 above in relation to a person, a reference to an appointment made or a contract entered into on or after 20 November 1987 or to promotion on or after that date shall be construed in accordance with subsections (3) to (6) of Section 204 of the Education Reform Act 1988.

4. The Regent House shall have power to decide:

  1. either(a)on the recommendation of the Council, that there should be a reduction in the academic staff of the University as a whole;
  2. or(b)on the recommendation of the competent authority concerned, that there should be a reduction in the academic staff of any School, Faculty, Department, or other institution,

by way of redundancy. Neither the Council nor the competent authority may delegate the power to make recommendations pursuant to this section.

5. Where the Regent House has reached a decision under Section 4 the competent authority concerned shall appoint a Redundancy Committee to be constituted in accordance with Section 6 below, whose duties shall be:

  1. (a)to select the requisite members of the academic staff and recommend them for dismissal by reason of redundancy;
  2. (b)to report its recommendations to the competent authority by such date as the latter may specify.

6. A Redundancy Committee shall comprise:

  1. (a)a Chair;
  2. (b)two members of the Council;
  3. (c)two members of the General Board, not being members of the Council.

7. The competent authority shall either approve any selection recommended under Section 5 above or remit it to the Redundancy Committee for further consideration in accordance with any further directions that the competent authority may give. A selection shall not be approved under this section unless the member of the academic staff concerned has been afforded a reasonable opportunity to make representations to the competent authority.

8. If the competent authority has approved a selection recommended by the Redundancy Committee, it shall publish the recommendation in a Report to the University. No member of the academic staff shall be dismissed by reason of redundancy except after the approval by Grace of the recommendations of such a Report.

9. If, following a Report of the competent authority, a recommendation for the dismissal of a member of the academic staff has been approved by Grace, the competent authority may direct an appropriate officer as its delegate to dismiss the member concerned.

10. Each member of the academic staff selected for dismissal shall be given separate notice of such selection. The notice shall sufficiently identify the circumstances which have satisfied the competent authority that the intended dismissal is reasonable, and in particular shall include:

  1. (a)a summary of the action taken by the competent authority under the provisions of this chapter;
  2. (b)an account of the selection procedure used by the Redundancy Committee;
  3. (c)a reference to the rights of the person notified to appeal against the notice and to the time within which any such appeal is to be instituted under Special Ordinance;4
  4. (d)a statement indicating when the intended dismissal is to take effect.


  1. 4. See Special Ordinance C (xiii), p. 95.a