Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute B
p. 14

Chapter I


1. The University shall, by Ordinance, state the conditions on which persons may matriculate as a member of the University, as

  1. (a)an undergraduate student;
  2. (b)a student pursuing a course for a degree specified in Statute B II 1(c) or research, or a course of study and training for research, intended for a degree specified in Statute B II 1(d);
  3. (c)a University officer;
  4. (d)an affiliated student;
  5. (e)a person falling within the terms of Statute A III 10(e);
  6. (f)a person in any other category determined by Statute or Ordinance.

2. Membership of the University is for life, or until resignation, or deprivation by decision of a University court 〈or disciplinary panel〉.1 Resignation entails cancellation of any degree. Renunciation of a degree entails resignation of membership of the University. Detailed provision for resignation of membership and renunciation of degrees shall be made by Ordinance. Provision for reinstatement after resignation or renunciation may be made by Ordinance.

3. Admission to courses and candidature for a qualification shall be either

  1. (a)by College, in the case of a Tripos, and other courses or qualifications determined by Ordinance; or
  2. (b)by a University authority, and by a College, in the case of other courses or qualifications leading to a degree so identified by Ordinance; or
  3. (c)by a University authority, in the case of other courses or qualifications so identified by Ordinance.

Any admission by Colleges and any candidature for a qualification is subject to the requirements of the Statutes and Ordinances of the University.


  1. 1. The entry in angular brackets will be inserted subject to the approval by Her Majesty in Council of the amendments of Statute approved by Grace 6 of 15 July 2015.a