Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 5–6

Chapter III


1. The Regent House shall be the governing body of the University.

2. Any power of making, altering, or repealing Statutes which is assigned to the University by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923, or by any other Act of Parliament, shall be exercised by the Regent House.

3. The powers of enacting, issuing and amending Special Ordinances, Ordinances and Orders, shall be exercised by Grace of the Regent House except so far as such powers are assigned by Statute to any other authority.

4.Special Ordinances shall be made (or amended) by Grace of the Regent House, in all cases after the issue of a Report to the University by the Council, the General Board, or jointly by the Council and the General Board. The Report shall state the main purpose of the proposed Special Ordinance (or amendment).

5. Any matter which under Statute, Special Ordinance or Ordinance shall be regulated or determined by Special Ordinance, may only be so regulated or determined.

6. A Special Ordinance (not being a Special Ordinance prescribing the scale or basis of assessment of the contributions to be made by the Colleges to University purposes), which affects any College, shall not be subject to alteration without the consent of that College.

7. Whenever it is provided that an act or thing shall or may be done or determined by the University, it shall be done or determined by Grace of the Regent House unless it is expressly stated that it is to be done or determined otherwise, provided that the Regent House may delegate by Grace to the Council or to another University body or authority to act on its behalf in such matters as it may from time to time determine.

8. The members of the Regent House at any time shall be those persons whose names were on the Roll of the Regent House at the time of the last promulgation.

9. The Registrary shall promulgate the Roll of the Regent House in each year on a day appointed by Ordinance. Promulgation shall be by publication in the Cambridge University Reporter.

10. The Registrary shall inscribe on the Roll of the Regent House the names of the following persons:

  1. (a)(i) the Chancellor, the High Steward, the Deputy High Steward, the Commissary, and (ii) the members of the Council in class (e);
  2. (b)other University officers and persons treated as such under Statute J 7;
  3. (c)Heads of Colleges;
  4. (d)Fellows of Colleges, provided that they conform to such conditions of residence as may be determined by Ordinance;
  5. (e)such other persons holding appointments in the University or a College in such categories and subject to such qualifying periods of service as shall be determined from time to time by Ordinance;

provided always that any person who is qualified for membership in class (b), class (d), or class (e) shall cease to be so qualified at the next promulgation after he or she attains the age of seventy years.