Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 731–732


1. Benefactions received by the University for the endowment of University teaching shall be applied to the payment of the stipends of University Lecturers in connection with the several Faculties as follows:



  Faculty or Department

English Lectureship Fund



Gilbey Lectureship Fund

History and Economics of  Agriculture

Land Economy

Sidgwick Memorial Fund



Girdlers’ Lectureship Fund



Huddersfield Lectureship Fund

Special Pathology


Harding Fund



Humphrey Owen Jones Lectureship Fund

Physical Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry

Sir Eustace Gurney's Benefaction


Land Economy

Eric Yarrow Lectureship Fund


Archaeology and Anthropology

Modern Greek Fund

Modern Greek

Classics, and Modern and  Medieval Languages

Japanese Studies Fund

Japanese Studies (Kawashima Lecturer)

Modern Japanese Studies (Fuji Bank Lecturer)

East Asian Studies

Starbridge Lectureship Fund

Theology and Natural Science (Starbridge Lecturer)


Dr William M. Scholl Lectureship Fund

Neurology (Dr William M. Scholl Lecturer)

Clinical Medicine

Kennedy Leigh Fund for Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew

Middle Eastern Studies

Sheikh Zayed Fund for Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies


Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Lectureship Fund

Persian Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Herchel Smith Lectureship in Intellectual Property Law Fund

Intellectual Property Law


Hibbitt Endowed Fund for Solid Mechanics

Solid Mechanics


Herchel Smith Lectureships in Medicinal Chemistry Fund

Medicinal Chemistry

Any relevant Department in the School of Clinical Medicine or the Department of Chemistry

Gender Studies Fund

Gender Studies

Politics and International Studies

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Fund

Islamic Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

David and Elaine Potter Fund for Governance and Human Rights

Governance and Human Rights

Politics and International Studies

Medieval Scandinavian History Fund

Medieval Scandinavian History

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

Polonsky–Coexist Fund for Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies (Polonsky–Coexist Lecturer)


2. The Gilbey Lecturer shall deliver lectures on rural conservation and on the history and economics of agriculture.

3. An offer received from the Worshipful Company of Girdlers to renew their support of the teaching of Economics in the University by an annual grant of £120 was accepted by the Council of the Senate in April 1949.

4. If the Humphrey Owen Jones Lectureship Fund is in future united with any other fund making further provision for the teaching of Physical Chemistry in the University, the name Humphrey Owen Jones shall always form part of the title of the office. The interest of the Fund accruing during any vacancy shall be added to the principal sum and invested.

5. If in any year the income of the Eric Yarrow Lectureship Fund exceeds £500 but not £550, the excess over £500 may be used to pay the University's contribution in respect of the Lecturer under the Pension Scheme.

6. The stipend and pension contributions of the Lewis-Gibson Lecturer shall be paid from the Modern Greek Fund. It shall be part of the duties of the Lecturer to give such instruction as the Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages may require to provide for the teaching of students offering Modern Greek in the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

7. Two of the University Lecturers in Mathematics shall bear the titles Cayley Lecturer and Stokes Lecturer respectively. When at any time there is no Lecturer bearing the title Cayley Lecturer or Stokes Lecturer, as the case may be, the General Board may, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Mathematics, confer the title on one of the University Lecturers in Mathematics.

8. The Polonsky–Coexist Lecturer in Jewish Studies shall provide such teaching in Jewish Studies, with special reference to the relations with the other Abrahamic faiths, for students offering the relevant papers under the regulations for the Theological and Religious Studies Tripos, as determined by the Faculty Board of Divinity.

9. When a Lectureship supported by a benefaction mentioned in Regulation 1 falls vacant, the Appointments Committee for the Faculty or Department with which the Lectureship is connected may transfer to it with his or her consent, if they think fit, an existing University Lecturer.


  1. 1. For endowed Professorships and Readerships see the regulations for Professors and Readers.a