Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 579

The provisions contained in this Chapter are Regulations of the General Board


1. There shall be a Degree Committee for each Faculty, and for each of the institutions specified in the Schedule to these regulations. The constitution of such a Degree Committee shall be determined by the General Board on the recommendation of the Faculty Board or other comparable authority and after consultation with the Board of Graduate Studies, provided that no person shall be a member of a Degree Committee who has been admitted as a Graduate Student or who is a candidate for a Diploma or a Certificate or comparable qualification, the regulations for which do not require him or her to be admitted as a Graduate Student.

2. If the constitution of a Degree Committee that has been approved by the General Board under Regulation 1 includes provision for members co-opted by the Committee, the co-opted members of the Committee shall serve for one year from 1 January following the date of their co-optation or for the remainder of the calendar year in which they are co-opted, as the Faculty Board or comparable authority shall determine.

3. Each Degree Committee shall elect one of its members as Chair of the Committee, and a Secretary.

4. The Secretary of the Committee shall inform the Registrary of any change in its membership.

5. Subject to the approval of the General Board, after consultation with the Board of Graduate Studies, each Degree Committee may determine from time to time how many members shall form a quorum; provided that a resolution that a person be recommended or approved for the award of a degree, or that a person be not so recommended or approved, shall not be valid unless passed with the concurrence of the votes, cast at a meeting, of one-half of the whole number of members of the Committee.


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