Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 544–545

The provisions contained in this Chapter are Regulations of the General Board


1. A Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies, or a Postgraduate Diploma in International Law, may be awarded by the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law to a member of the University who has satisfied the requirements of the following regulations. For the purposes of this regulation graduates of the University may count previous residence in statu pupillari.

2. A candidate for the Diploma must be admitted as a Graduate Student, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee, by the Board of Graduate Studies, who shall assign to each candidate a date of commencement of candidature.

3. A candidate for a Diploma shall pursue in the University either (i) a course of full-time study for at least consecutive three terms or (ii) a course of part-time study for at least six consecutive terms. Every candidate, whether studying in Cambridge or elsewhere, shall be placed under the direction of a Supervisor appointed by the Degree Committee and shall be subject to any special conditions that the Committee may prescribe in her or his case.

4. Every Supervisor shall send to the Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies reports on the work of each candidate under her or his charge, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 8 of the general regulations for admission as a Graduate Student.

5. The exercise for the Diploma shall be a thesis on a subject, approved by the Degree Committee, which falls within the field of Law or of International Law. The thesis, which shall not without the leave of the Degree Committee exceed 30,000 words in length, including footnotes, but excluding appendices and bibliography, must afford evidence of serious study by the candidate and of ability to discuss a difficult problem critically.

6. Each candidate shall submit two copies of her or his thesis in accordance with detailed arrangements approved by the Board of Graduate Studies (i) not earlier than the end of the second term, nor later than the end of the fifth term (for a full-time student) or (ii) not earlier than the end of the fifth term, nor later than the eighth term (for a part-time student), after the term in which her or his candidature commenced, provided that the Degree Committee may allow a candidate to submit it at a later date. Each candidate will be required to sign a declaration that the thesis is his or her own work, unaided except as may be specified in the declaration, and that it does not contain material that has already been used to any substantial extent for a comparable purpose.

7. Each thesis shall be referred to two Examiners, appointed by the Degree Committee, who may, at their discretion, examine the candidate orally on the thesis and on the general field of knowledge within which it falls. The Degree Committee in exceptional circumstances may permit the Examiners to conduct the oral examination by video-conference or other remote means. Each Examiner shall submit a separate report to the Degree Committee on the candidate’s thesis, and the Examiners shall submit a joint report on the candidate’s performance in the oral examination if such is held.

8. If the Degree Committee require a further opinion or opinions on the merits of a candidate’s thesis, they may appoint additional Examiners, provided that not more than one additional Examiner may be appointed without the leave of the Board of Graduate Studies.

9. The Degree Committee, after considering the reports of the Examiners, shall resolve whether or not the candidate is entitled to be awarded a Diploma, and shall inform the candidate and the Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies accordingly. The award of a Diploma shall be published by the Board of Graduate Studies. The Degree Committee may allow an unsuccessful candidate to resubmit her or his thesis within a time limit fixed by them, which will normally not extend beyond the end of the term next following that in which the candidate is notified of the Degree Committee’s decision to allow resubmission. The Degree Committee shall inform the Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies of any such allowance.

10. A Postgraduate Diploma shall be in the following form, the subject being specified as ‘Legal Studies’ or ‘International Law’.

THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT            having satisfied the preliminary conditions and having presented a thesis approved by the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law has been awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies (International Law).

11. While studying for the Diploma a candidate shall pay a University Composition Fee as prescribed in Regulation 11 of the general regulations for admission as a Graduate Student.

12. Payment of a fee to a Supervisor who is not a University officer (other than an Associate Lecturer who receives no stipend from the University) shall be as prescribed in the general regulations for admission as a Graduate Student.