Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 116

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1. It shall be the duty of the Board of Scrutiny to scrutinize on behalf of the Regent House each year the Annual Report of the Council (including the Annual Report of the General Board to the Council), the accounts of the University, and any Report of the Council proposing allocations from the Chest.

2. In carrying out their scrutiny of the documents specified in Regulation 1, the Board shall have the right to examine the policies of the University and the arrangements made for the implementation of those policies, and to report thereon to the Regent House.

3. The Board shall have power, in accordance with Statute A VII 5(a), to consult any official documents or accounts (other than those of the University Press) which are relevant to any enquiry that they may conduct under the provisions of Regulation 2; they shall also have power, under the provisions of Statute A VII 5(b), to consult such documents or accounts relating to the University Press as have been submitted by the Press Syndicate or by officers of the Press to the Council or to the Finance Committee of the Council.

4. (a) At its first meeting in each academical year the Board shall elect a chair and a secretary to hold office until the end of that academical year. No person may be re-elected as chair at the end of her or his period of service in that office.

(b) The chair shall call a meeting of the Board as soon as may be convenient following the publication of the matter to be considered.

(c) The secretary shall allow any member of the Regent House to consult the minutes of the Board.

5. Under Statute A VII 4, holders of the following University offices established by Ordinance, which have primarily administrative duties, may not be elected as members of the Board:

Director and Deputy Director in the University Offices (Unified Administrative Service)

Assistant Treasurer

Election of Members of the Board of Scrutiny

Amended by Grace 3 of 15 April 2015

1. The election of members of the Board of Scrutiny in class (c) shall be conducted in accordance with Regulations 1–7 and 15 of the regulations for the election of members of the Council.

2. An election of one member in class (c)(i) and of three members in class (c)(ii) shall be held during Full Easter Term in each alternate year; the arrangements for the election shall be determined by the Vice-Chancellor. The members so elected shall serve for four years from 1 October next following their election. The University may make regulations specifying the procedure to be followed if at any election insufficient nominations are received to fill the vacant places in class (c).

3. If at any election insufficient nominations are received to fill the vacant places either in class (c)(i) or in class (c)(ii), the Council shall appoint as many members as may be necessary or shall ask the Vice-Chancellor to arrange a further election.

4. The provisions of Special Ordinance A (ii) 3 regarding the filling of casual vacancies in the membership of the Council shall apply to the filling of casual vacancies in the elected membership of the Board of Scrutiny. A retiring member of the Board who has served for four or more consecutive years shall not be eligible to serve again as a member in class (c) until one year has elapsed after the end of her or his previous period of service.