Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge


1. A Graduate Student or other person who has previously had the status of Bachelor of Arts shall, on attaining the age of twenty-four years, have the status of Master of Arts for so long as he or she is not of standing to proceed to the degree of Master of Arts.

2. The Council may grant the status of Master of Arts to any of the following if they have attained the age of twenty-four years and have not proceeded to the degree of Master of Arts or any higher degree:

  1. (a)a University officer during his or her tenure of office, or a person holding a post in the University Press specially designated under Statute J, 7;
  2. (b)a Fellow of a College during his or her tenure of a Fellowship;
  3. (c)a person employed by the University who holds an appointment approved by the University for the purpose of Statute A, III, 7(e) during his or her tenure of the appointment;3
  4. (d)the Commandant and the Adjutant for the time being of the University Air Squadron, the University Officers Training Corps, and the University Royal Naval Unit;
  5. (e)a person who holds a degree of another university, or a qualification deemed by the Council to be equivalent to a degree, and who has been recommended by the Head of a College or a Tutor of a College and is certified to have been appointed to a College office, or admitted to the College;
  6. (f)a graduate of another university or a visiting scholar working in the University, or in an institution connected with the University recognized for this purpose by the Council, who is recommended by the Chairman of a Faculty Board or the Head of a Department as an appropriate person for the grant of this status;4

provided that

  1. (i)such a person, if not already matriculated as a member of the University, shall be so matriculated at the first opportunity after the grant of this status;
  2. (ii)a grant made under subsection (e) or subsection (f) above shall be for a period specified in each case, and may be revoked by the Council at any time.

3. A possessor of the status of Master of Arts:

  1. (a)shall have the same privileges as a Master of Arts with regard to the Libraries (other than the University Library), the Museums, and the Botanic Garden of the University;
  2. (b)shall be entitled to wear the M.A. gown without strings, but not the hood;
  3. (c)for the purpose of keeping terms by residence, may certify his or her own residence;
  4. (d)shall not be subject to the regulations for motor vehicles or the regulations for bicycles and boats.

4. A possessor of the status of Master of Arts shall not be a candidate for any examination leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music.


  1. 3. See p. 106.a
  2. 4. For the purpose of this regulation the term ‘Chairman of a Faculty Board’ shall be taken to include the Chairman of a Board, Syndicate, or other body responsible for a University institution, and the term ‘Head of a Department’ shall be taken to include the Director of a Sub-department or a Centre of Studies. The Council have agreed that the institutions recognized for the purpose of granting M.A. status under Regulation 2(f) shall include all the institutions recognized from time to time by the General Board for the purpose of Regulation 5(4)(a) of the regulations for the use of the University Library (see p. 630).a