Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute H

Chapter IV


1. The University shall have power to recognize by Grace as an Approved Society any society which is maintained within the Precincts of the University for the advancement of education, learning, and research.

2. The conditions under which a society may receive, and continue to enjoy, recognition as an Approved Society shall be determined from time to time by Ordinance, provided that (a) no society which proposes to admit or does admit students shall receive or continue to enjoy such recognition unless it makes suitable provision for their education and discipline and (b) no Approved Society shall alter any provision in its charter, articles of association, memorandum of association, trust instrument, scheme of government, or any other instrument prescribing the form of constitution of the society, unless it has given to the University notice of the proposed alteration and either the University has granted its consent or the Council have announced that the proposed alteration does not affect the University or prejudice the interests of the University.

3. Any provision of Statutes or Ordinance concerning Fellowship of a College, some office in a College, membership of a College, matriculation, residence, admission to and presentation for degrees, discipline, teaching or instruction on behalf of a College, and the obligations of Colleges in respect of Fellowships, shall be applicable as if the term College included any Approved Society.

4. (Repealed by Grace 1 of 26 February 1975 and by Order in Council dated 23 July 1975.)