Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute D

Chapter XIV


1. There shall be in the University the Regius Professorships of Divinity, Civil Law, Physic, Hebrew, Greek, History, and Botany; such Professorships as by any trust for the time being binding on the University are required to be maintained; such Professorships as are for the time being included in Schedule B; and such Professorships as are for the time being established by Ordinance.

2. Subject to the provisions of any trust for the time being binding on the University,

  1. (a)the University may make regulations for a Professorship under which candidature for that Professorship at any election thereto may be limited, or preference may be given by the Board of Electors, to candidates whose work is connected with a particular area of study within the general field of the title of the Professorship;
  2. (b)either before or after the occurrence of a vacancy in a Professorship to which no such regulations apply, the General Board may determine that candidature for the Professorship at the next election thereto shall be limited, or preference shall be given, as aforesaid.

Notice of any such limitation or preference shall be published to the University forthwith.

3. No Professorship shall be established in the University except by Grace of the Regent House after the publication of a Report of the General Board. The Report shall state whether or not it is recommended that the Professorship be placed in Schedule B. If the Report recommends inclusion in Schedule B, it may also recommend inclusion in Schedule H.

4. (a) When a Professorship becomes vacant or is due shortly to become vacant, the University may, on the recommendation of the General Board, terminate or temporarily discontinue it as from the date of the vacancy or modify the conditions relating to it, unless such termination or temporary discontinuance or modification can only be effected by Statute or by an authority other than the University.

(b) If it is reported to the General Board that a Board of Electors has been unable to make an election to a Professorship, the General Board may publish a Notice temporarily discontinuing the Professorship for a specified period determined under the provisions of Statute D, XV, 20, unless such temporary discontinuance can only be effected by Statute or by an authority other than the University.

5. If a Professorship is one which cannot be temporarily discontinued or the conditions of which cannot be modified otherwise than by making a Statute or by submitting an application for the alteration of a trust to an authority other than the University, and if the University has approved such a Statute or has submitted such an application, the election shall remain suspended until the result of the submission of the Statute to Her Majesty in Council or of the application to the other authority is known.

6. Subject to the provisions of Chapter I and of this chapter regarding the age of retirement, the University shall have power to establish a Professorship limited to a fixed term of years or to the tenure of one Professor only, or to direct that election to a Professorship (being neither a Professorship to which appointments are made by the Crown nor a Professorship governed for the time being by a trust expressly providing otherwise) shall be for a prescribed term of years or until a prescribed date.

7. The University shall assign each Professorship to a Faculty or Department or other institution under the supervision of the General Board, as appropriate, and may change the assignment from time to time. Subject to the concurrence of the authorities concerned, the duties of a particular Professorship may concern such institutions as the General Board shall determine.

8. Professorial stipends shall be determined from time to time by the University, provided that a Professor shall always receive any emolument to which he or she is entitled under the terms of any trust for the time being binding on the University.

9. The University may from time to time prescribe the minimum amount of instruction to be given by a Professor and the character of such instruction.

10. The University may from time to time by Ordinance impose restrictions on the nature of College offices that may be held by Professors and on the teaching which Professors may give otherwise than on behalf of the University.

11. If the University alters either the title of a Professorship or the definition of the scope of a Professorship, such alteration shall not have effect during the tenure of the person then holding the office except with his or her consent; but if the person concerned consents to the alteration he or she shall be entitled to hold the office under the same conditions as if the alteration had been made before his or her election to the office.

12. The University shall have power to add or remove Professorships to or from the list of those specified in Schedule B.

13. Any person who has not previously held the Slade Professorship of Fine Art may be elected to that Professorship for a period not exceeding three years notwithstanding that he or she has attained the age of sixty-seven years; but no one shall be re-elected to the Professorship for a period such that the tenure of the office will continue beyond the end of the academical year in which he or she will attain the age of sixty-seven years.

14. Any person may be elected or re-elected to one of the following Professorships, notwithstanding that he or she has attained, or will attain during the tenure of the office, the age of sixty-seven years: the John Wilfrid Linnett Visiting Professorship of Chemistry, the Alexander Todd Visiting Professorship of Chemistry, the Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professorship in Legal Science, the Sir Arthur Marshall Visiting Professorship of Sustainable Urban Design, the Visiting Professorship of Architecture〈, and the Humanitas Visiting Professorships〉3.


  1. 3. The words in angular brackets will be inserted subject to the approval by Her Majesty in Council of the amendments of Statute approved by Grace 4 of 16 June 2010.a