Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute A

Chapter I


1. The Chancellor of the University shall be elected by the members of the Senate voting in person and shall hold office, in accordance with the laws and customs of the University, until he or she voluntarily resigns or until the Senate otherwise determines.

2. The manner of nominating candidates, of taking votes in an election, and of determining the result of the election may be prescribed by Ordinance from time to time and unless so prescribed shall be as has been customary heretofore. When an election has taken place, an instrument of election shall be sealed as soon as conveniently may be, and shall be delivered to the person elected without delay.

3. The Chancellor shall have power to call Congregations of the Regent House, and to admit candidates to degrees and titles of degrees.

4. The Chancellor shall have power to see that all officers of the University duly perform their duties.

5. The Chancellor shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by Statute or Ordinance.

6. The following shall be members of the Senate:

  1. (a)the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. (b)all persons whose names were inscribed on the Roll of the Regent House at the time of the last promulgation;
  3. [(c)all persons who hold any of the following degrees of the University: any Doctor's degree; any Master's degree other than the degree of Master of Engineering or Master of Natural Sciences; the degree of Bachelor of Divinity;]1
  4. 〈(c)all persons who hold any Doctor’s degree of the University, any Master’s degree of the University, or the degree of Bachelor of Divinity of the University;〉1

provided always that

  1. (i)no one who has been admitted to the title of a degree only shall thereby be entitled to membership of the Senate;
  2. (ii)if any member of the Senate wishes to resign his or her membership and so informs the Registrary, and if the Council deems the reasons given sufficient and permits the resignation, that person shall cease forthwith to be a member of the Senate, and shall not be reinstated except by a subsequent decision of the Council which shall not be taken until a period of five years has elapsed from the date of removal;
  3. (iii)any person who suffers suspension or deprivation of his or her degree shall not be a member of the Senate during the continuance of such suspension or deprivation.

7. It shall be the duty of the Senate

  1. (a)to enact Ordinances regulating its own procedure;
  2. (b)to elect the Chancellor and the High Steward.


  1. 1. The subsection in angular brackets will replace the subsection in square brackets subject to the approval by Her Majesty in Council of the amendments of Statute approved by Grace 3 of 19 May 2010.a b