Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

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University officers whose offices qualify them to hold Professorial Fellowships

Administrative officers

The Vice-Chancellor

The Registrary

The Librarian

The Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum



Active Tectonics

Aeronautical Engineering (Francis Mond)

Aerothermal Technology


Algebraic Geometry (2000)

Algebraic Geometry (2001)

American History (Paul Mellon)

American History and Institutions (Pitt)

American Intellectual History


Analytical Biotechnology

Analytical Physics


Ancient History

Ancient Philosophy (Laurence)

Anglo-Saxon (Elrington and Bosworth)

Animal Embryology (Charles Darwin)

Applied Mathematics (1964)

Applied Mathematics (2003)

Applied Mathematics (2006)

Applied Probability

Applied Statistics and Signal Processing

Applied Thermodynamics (Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries)

Applied Thermodynamics

Arabic (Sir Thomas Adams's)

Archaeological Science (George Pitt-Rivers)

Archaeology (Disney)

Architectural History

Architecture (1970)

Art History


Astronomy (Royal Society)

Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy (Plumian)

Astronomy and Geometry (Lowndean)

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Astrophysics (1909)

Astrophysics (2009)

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Atmospheric Science

Auditory Perception

Behavioural Ecology

Behavioural Neuroscience (1997)

Behavioural Neuroscience (2009)

Behavioural Science

Biochemical Engineering

Biochemistry (Sir William Dunn)

Biochemistry (Herchel Smith)

Biological Chemistry

Biology (Quick)

Biomedical Magnetic Resonance

Biophysical Chemistry



Bone Medicine

Botany (Regius)

British and Irish History

Cancer Biology (Royal Society Napier Research)

Cancer Research (Ursula Zoëllner)

Cancer Research (2001, Grace 9 of 13 December 2000)

Cancer Research (2001, Grace 10 of 13 December 2000)

Cancer Research (2001, Grace 11 of 13 December 2000)

Cancer Therapeutics

Cardiopulmonary Medicine

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular Medicine (British Heart Foundation)

Cardiovascular Sciences (British Heart Foundation)

Cell Biology and Parasitology

Cell Physiology

Cellular Neuroscience

Cellular Pathophysiology and Clinical Biochemistry

Cellular Pharmacology

Chemical and Structural Biology (John Humphrey Plummer)

Chemical Biology

Chemical Engineering (Shell)

Chemical Engineering (1999)

Chemical Engineering (2009)

Chemical Physics (1999)

Chemical Physics (2000)

Chemical Physics (2008)

Chemistry (BP) (1702)

Chemistry (Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson)

Chemistry (1968)

Chemistry (1996)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Chinese History, Science, and Civilization (Joseph Needham)

Chinese Management (Sinyi)

Civil Engineering

Civil Law (Regius)

Classical Arabic

Classical Archaeology (Laurence)

Classics (2003)

Classics (2004)

Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine

Clinical Gerontology

Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Oncology (2000)

Clinical Pharmacology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Collaborative Anthropology (Sigrid Rausing)

Combinatorial Mathematics

Commonwealth History (Smuts)

Communications Systems (Marconi)

Company and Securities Law

Comparative and Developmental Criminology

Comparative Cognition

Comparative Immunogenetics

Comparative Pathology

Comparative Philology

Comparative Psychology

Complex Physical Systems (Schlumberger)

Computational Engineering

Computational Linguistics

Computational Logic

Computational Mineral Physics

Computational Physics

Computer Assisted Reasoning

Computer Science (1994)

Computer Science (Robert Sansom)

Computer Technology (1997)

Computer Technology (2005)

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Condensed Matter Physics

Conservation and Development (Moran)

Conservation Biology (Miriam Rothschild)

Conservation Science

Construction Engineering (Laing O'Rourke)

Control Engineering (2002)

Control Engineering (2006)

Corporate Governance (Robert Monks)

Corporate Law (S. J. Berwin)


Criminology (Wolfson)

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Cultural History and Aesthetics


Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology (John Humphrey Plummer)

Developmental Genetics (2002)

Developmental Genetics (2008)

Developmental Mechanick

Developmental Neuroscience

Developmental Psychopathology

Device Materials

Divinity (Lady Margaret's)

Divinity (Norris-Hulse)

Divinity (Regius)

Earth Sciences (BP Foundation McKenzie)

East Asian Studies

Ecclesiastical History (Dixie)

Ecological and Developmental Criminology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Prince Philip)

Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics


Economic Geography

Economic History (1928)

Economic History (2004)

Economics (Frank Ramsey)2

Economics (1970)

Economics (1988)

Economics (1995)

Economics (2007)

Economics and Game Theory

Education (1938)

Education (2000)

Education (2000)3

Education (2002)

Education (2004)

Education (2004)

Education (2005)

Education (2008)

Education and Development (Commonwealth)

Egyptology (Herbert Thompson)

Electrical Engineering

Electron Device Physics (Hitachi)


Empirical Sociology


Energy Technologies

Engineering (1875)

Engineering (1966, Grace 5 of 1 December 1965)

Engineering (1966, Grace 6 of 1 December 1965)

Engineering (1974)

Engineering (2008)

Engineering (Rank)

Engineering (Van Eck)

Engineering Design

Engineering Tribology

English (1966, Grace 2 of 1 December 1965)

English (2001)

English (2001, Grace 1 of 21 November 2001)

English and Applied Linguistics

English and French Literature and Culture

English Law (Rouse Ball)

English Literature (King Edward VII)

English Literature (2004)

English Literature (2007)

English Private Law

Enterprise Studies (Margaret Thatcher)

Environment and Policy

Environmental Systems Analysis

Epidemiology and Medicine

Equine and Farm Animal Science (Alborada)

European Law

European Union and Employment Law

Evolutionary Genetics

Evolutionary Palaeobiology

Evolutionary Primatology

Experimental Astrophysics

Experimental Combustion

Experimental Medicine (Genzyme)

Experimental Neurology (Merck Company Foundation)

Experimental Neuroscience

Experimental Partical Physics

Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Physics (1998)

Experimental Physics (2002)

Experimental Physics (2008)

Experimental Psychology

Experimental Quantum Physics

Family Research

Farm Animal Health, Food Science, and Food Safety (Marks & Spencer)

Finance (Sir Evelyn de Rothschild)

Financial Policy

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics (G. I. Taylor)

Fluid Mechanics (1998)

Fluid Mechanics (2006)

Fluid Mechanics (2006)

Fluid Mechanics (2007)

Foundations of Mathematics

Fourier Analysis

French (Drapers)

French and Neo-Latin Literature

French Government (Visiting)

French History

French Philology and Linguistics


General Practice

Genetic Epidemiology

Genetics (Arthur Balfour)

Geography (1931)

Geography (1993)

Geology (Woodwardian)


German (Schröder)

Greek (Regius)

Greek (2002)

Greek and Latin

Greek Culture (A. G. Leventis)



Health Management (Dennis Gillings)

Health Neuroscience (Bernard Wolfe)

Health Services Research

Hebrew (Regius)

Hebrew and Jewish Studies

High Energy Physics (2003)

High Energy Physics (2009)

Hinduism and the Comparative Study of Religion


Historical Anthropology

Historical Geography and Demography

Historical Musicology

History (Regius)

History and Philosophy of Science

History and Philosophy of Science (Hans Rausing)

History and Philosophy of the Sciences (2000)

History of Art

History of Christianity

History of European International Relations

History of International Relations

History of Medieval Art

History of Political Thought

History of Science

Human Evolution (Leverhulme)

Human Geography

Human Population Biology and Health

Image Science




Immunology and Cell Biology

Immunology and Medicine

Imperial and Naval History (Vere Harmsworth)

Indian Business and Enterprise (Jawaharlal Nehru)

Industrial Relations (Montague Burton)

Infectious Disease Informatics

Infectious Diseases

Information Engineering (1994)

Information Engineering (2000)

Information Engineering (2002)

Information Engineering (2004)

Intellectual History and English Literature

Intellectual Property Law (Herchel Smith)

International Finance (Pembroke Visiting)

International History

International Law

International Law (Whewell)

International Macroeconomics

International Relations (Sir Patrick Sheehy)

Italian (Serena)

Italian and English Literatures

Japanese Studies

Jewish and Early Christian Studies

Land Economy

Latin (Kennedy)

Latin-American Studies (Simón Bolívar)

Law (1973)

Law (1992)

Law (1995)

Law (2006)

Laws of England (Downing)

Learning Disability Psychiatry

Legal and Political Philosophy

Legal Science (Arthur Goodhart Visiting)


Logic and Algorithms


Management Studies (Beckwith)

Management Studies (Diageo)

Management Studies (KPMG)

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering (GKN)

Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry and Corrosion

Materials Science (1988)

Materials Science (2001)

Materials Science (2007)

Materials Science (2008)

Materials Science (2009)

Materials Science (2009)

Materials Science (Goldsmiths’)

Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Physics (1967)

Mathematical Physics (1978)

Mathematical Physics (1998)

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences (N. M. Rothschild & Sons)

Mathematical Statistics


Mathematics (Lucasian)

Mathematics (Rouse Ball)

Mathematics for Operational Research (Churchill)

Mathematics of Systems

Matrix Biochemistry

Mechanical Engineering (1993)

Mechanical Engineering (1997)

Mechanical Engineering (2006)

Mechanics of Materials (1997)

Mechanics of Materials (1999)

Medical Genetics (1997)

Medical Genetics (2007)

Medical Oncology

Medical Physics

Medical Physiology

Medicinal Chemistry (Herchel Smith)

Medicine (1962)

Medicine (1987)

Medicine (2010)

Medieval and Renaissance English

Medieval English History

Medieval French Literature

Medieval History

Medieval Music

Mediterranean History

Metabolic Medicine

Metallurgy (Tata Steel)


Mineral Physics

Mineralogy and Mineral Physics

Mineralogy and Petrology

Modern Arabic Studies (His Majesty

 Sultan Qaboos Bin Said)

Modern British History (2007)

Modern British History (2009)

Modern Chinese History

Modern Cultural History

Modern European History

Modern Greek

Modern History

Modern Languages

Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology (Herchel Smith)

Molecular Cell Biology

Molecular Endocrinology (Serono)

Molecular Genetics (Herchel Smith)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Molecular Immunology

Molecular Membrane Biology

Molecular Microbiology

Molecular Neurogenetics

Molecular Neurology

Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism

Molecular Parasitology (Glaxo)

Molecular Pathology

Molecular Pharmacology

Molecular Pharmacology (Royal Society)

Molecular Sciences Informatics (Unilever)

Molecular Virology


Musical Composition

Musical Performance Studies


Natural Philosophy

Natural Philosophy (Jacksonian)


Neurobiology (2004)

Neurobiology (2009)

Neurological Genetics





Neuroscience (2002)

Neuroscience (2005)

Neuroscience (2006)


Nonlinear Mathematical Science

Nuclear Medicine

Number Theory and Algebra (Kuwait)

Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations

Observational Astronomy

Observational Cosmology and Astrophysics

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1975)

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (2000)

Ocean Physics

Old Age Psychiatry

Old Testament Studies

Oncological Pathology

Oncology (Li Ka Shing)

Operations Research


Organic Chemistry (Herchel Smith)

Organic Chemistry (2001)

Orthopaedic Surgery

Paediatrics (1978)

Paediatrics (1998)


Particle Physics


Perinatal Physiology

Persian History

Petroleum Science (BP)

Pharmacology (Sheild)

Philosophical Theology

Philosophy (Knightbridge)

Philosophy (Bertrand Russell)

Philosophy (1999)

Philosophy (2007)

Phonetic Sciences


Photonic Systems and Displays


Photonics of Molecular Materials

Physic (Regius)

Physical Chemistry

Physical Electronics

Physical Geography

Physical Metallurgy

Physics (Cavendish)

Physics (Herchel Smith)

Physics (1966, Grace 7 of 1 December 1965)

Physics (2005)

Physics (2006)

Physics (2009)

Physics of Materials (John Humphrey Plummer)


Physiology of Reproduction (Mary Marshall and Arthur Walton)

Plant and Microbial Biochemistry

Plant Biochemistry

Plant Cytogenetics

Plant Ecology

Plant Molecular Biology

Plant Systematics and Evolution

Poetry and Poetics (Gorley Putt)

Political Economy


Polymer Physics

Portuguese Literature and Culture

Primary Care Research

Process Innovation

Protein Crystallography

Psychiatry (1998)

Psychiatry (2000)

Psychological Criminology

Psychology (2004)

Psychology (2007)

Psychology in the Social Sciences

Public Health Medicine

Public Law and Jurisprudence

Public Law and Private International Law

Public Understanding of Risk (Winton)

Pure Mathematics (2005)

Pure Mathematics (2009)

Pure Mathematics (Herchel Smith)

Pure Mathematics (Sadleirian)

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics (Leigh Trapnell)

Quaternary Palaeoenvironments

Radio Astronomy (1971)


Real Estate Finance (Grosvenor)

Regenerative Medicine

Representation Theory

Reproductive Biology

Reproductive Immunology

Reproductive Physiology

Reproductive Sciences

Respiratory Biology

Respiratory Medicine


RNA Biochemistry

RNA Molecular Biology

Rural Economy

Security Engineering


Semiconductor Engineering

Semitic Philology

Service and Support Engineering

Signal Processing

Signalling Pharmacology

Slavonic Studies

Small Animal Medicine

Social Anthropology (William Wyse)

Sociology (1985)

Sociology (2001)

Sociology of Education

Soil Mechanics


Statistical Science

Statistical Signal Processing

Statistics (2005)

Statistics (2006)

Statistics in Biomedicine

Stem Cell Biology

Stem Cell Medicine

Stochastic Analysis

Stroke Medicine

Structural and Molecular Biology

Structural Biology

Structural Dynamics

Superconducting Engineering



Sustainable Design

Systems Biology and Biochemistry

Technology (Prince Philip)


Theoretical and Computational Physics

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Theoretical Astronomy

Theoretical Astrophysics

Theoretical Chemistry

Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical Geography

Theoretical Geophysics

Theoretical Mineral Physics

Theoretical Physics (John Humphrey Plummer)

Theoretical Physics (1997)

Theoretical Physics (1998)

Theoretical Physics (1999)

Theoretical Physics (2001)

Theoretical Physics (2002)

Theoretical Physics (2002)

Theoretical Physics (2003)

Theoretical Physics (2005)

Theoretical Physics (2007)

Theoretical Physics (2007)

Transfusion Medicine

Urban and Regional Economics

Vertebrate Palaeontology

Veterinary Clinical Studies

Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology


Visual Neuroscience

Zoology (1866)

Zoology (1997)

Zoology (2010)

Professors (subject specified on the occasion of each election)

BBV Foundation Visiting Professor

Humanitas Visiting Professors

Jawaharlal Nehru Visiting Professor

Other University officers specified in Schedule J

Director of Biotechnology

Director of the Botanic Garden

Director of the Institute of Criminology

Director of the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis

Executive Director of Research in the Faculty of Economics

Other University officers

Director of the M.B.A. course

Director of the Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance

Director of the University Computing Service


  1. 1. With effect from 1 January 2011.a
  2. 2. Retitled for the tenure of the present holder.a
  3. 3. Formerly Professor of Educational Leadership.a